Beauty bargains for less than a fiver! 💅💋💄💶

It’s safe to say we all love a bargain! It may be of the opinion that we need to spend a little bit extra when it comes to make up and beauty products- not always though!

Where would we be without Penny’s? Penny’s (Primark), great for a pair of shoes, a clutch for a night out, some gold accessories or cosy wollies at winter time, whatever it may be – us Irish love Pennys! In recent times however I’ve bought some products from their beauty range, and the Catrice brand which they also stock. I was SO impressed, here are my beauty bargains from Penny’s! (Click on each picture to enlarge!)

  1. P.S. Love- Brow Kit


Primark’s mini eyebrow kit. This handy kit comes with a tweezers, a mini brush for application, and three shades of brown. It’s small and fits neatly into a make up bag or handbag- great for filling in brows. Personally I find the brush applicator a little big, so instead I use the E30 brush from Blank Canvas (see picture below). This has a very fine angle shaped brush perfect for eyebrow definition! However this little kit is still a super buy! The shades are long lasting, it’s definitely one of my beauty bargains at just €2.50!

2. Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother

I LOVE this product! Catrice really impressed me. Not only does this product give a great glossy looks which really holds it also smoothes the lips. Especially handy in the handbag coming into the winter months- cracked lips become a nightmare. Personally I love nude lips- This is shade 040 Coffee To Go- Another fab bargain at €3.99! Loads of shades available this is just a personal preference!

3. Catrice- Illuminating Highlighter Pen

Who doesn’t love some highlighted cheek bones and brow bones? Nothing looks as good as healthy, glowing skin. Again I love this product. I found this really handy for day time make up wear (not so much night time, it’s quiet light!). It gives a beautiful complexion to the cheek, if you like you can then add a blusher over the highlighter for extra radiance! Coming into the winter season, skin can become drier due to central heating and colder weather, a good moisturiser (with SPF of course) is essential and add this product over your foundation! Tadaaaaah- glowing skin! Great beauty bargain, €4.29!

4. Garnier- Micellar Cleansing Water

For those of you who have not already tried this product I REALLY recommend it! I find this especially great for removing heavier make up. For example, on nights out I tend to wear a darker, smokier eye with a lot more eye liner. My contouring is also darker at night time. You can use this product for removing face, eye and lip make up. Just use a small amount on a cotton pad – that’s all you need. This is great value, 400 ml bottle for just €4.50 and most importantly it leaves your skin feeling great!

This is my first blog. Let me know what you think, in the meantime happy shopping! 🙂 👜

Sinéad 💜

4 thoughts on “Beauty bargains for less than a fiver! 💅💋💄💶

  1. Penny Kavanagh says:

    As I have virtually pure white eye brows I have been using brow kits for years , I do get them tinted but it doesn’t last, Essence and Catrice do an excellent one too and very reasonable, one Christmas Lizzie gave me the Clarins one it is excellent but the less expensive ones are great too.
    Have used the Micellar Water, I think its very handy and good for removing eye make up, would possibly need a deeper cleanse occasionally.
    Best of luck with this Sinéad I thought it was excellent well done.


    • Sinéad de Butléir says:

      Hi Penny,

      Thanks a mil for the feedback- True some of the more expensive products for brows are amazing but as you say some of the cheaper products can do the trick! I’m lucky in the sense that my eyebrows are quite dark so I don’t need too much product.

      Agree 100% in relation to the cleanser, I would always use either a foam or gel cleanser afterwards to ensure my skin is squeaky clean!

      Thanks again Penny for the positivity- I’m working on the next! 🙂 Thank you for reading,

      Sinéad ❤


  2. Bec says:

    Hi Sinead,
    I came across your blog shared by a workfriend of mine all the way across in sunny Perth
    Great to see things are going well for ya!
    All the best with everything in the future

    Becca Tisson ( Jackman )


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