An Autumn wedding: What I wore 💅👄👒👗

I’m still recovering after a weekend of antics, dancing and partying in beautiful Donegal! Last weekend I was so honoured to be a part of a special couple’s big day. The couple were a rose and escort I met during my year in the 2011 Rose of Tralee. Being involved in this festival has allowed me to make the best of friends and meet amazing people. Last weekend saw a large number of our year reuniting to celebrate with the special couple, and needless to say the dancefloor is never empty when we get together!

Here’s a snap of some of our 2011 roses and escorts that met in Donegal, as well as the stunning bride and groom!


I love to wear a hat or head piece to weddings. Anytime I have an event on I always take my dress to a fab lady called Faith Amond, to get a hat to match. Faith is situated in Leighlinbridge just outside Carlow. I first met Faith during my year as Kilkenny Rose and have been going to her ever since.  This particular head piece is a Philip Treacy, and is a deep gold in colour with a head band underneath to ensure it won’t budge, even with wind. I loved the bow detail on top and the added embellishment with the silver jewels gave it that extra sparkle.


Faith has a huge selection of hats and head pieces which she rents. If you are interested in getting in contact with Faith drop me a mail and I will put you in touch.


Next to my dress, I’ve had this dress for some time. This was bought in Serendipity Boutique located on Kieran Street in Kilkenny city. It is one from the “Key” collection by Ashley Roberts, this dress was €195. This dress had a tull under the skirt when I bought it which gave it that extra kick, the top was a corset like fit with a strap at the back to tie a bow and a zip located on the side of the dress.

My favourite part of this dress, is the gold located all around the bottom of it.


What’s great about this boutique is the option of using their deposit facility and paying off on an outfit. Here is the link to the boutique, it is definitely worth a look! 😉


As I work as a nurse, fake nails are not allowed. Instead I always pop down to Penney’s when I have an event coming up. Penney’s nails are a real bargain for just €1.50 in any colour! Last weekend I opted for a deep purple which seems to be really popular this a/w. These nails lasted from Thursday evening to Sunday. I’ve worn these loads of times and people genuinely ask if they are a shellac!


I returned to Penney’s for my clutch, I spotted a simple black clutch with gold at the corners of it, this picked up the gold in the dress and the head piece, another bargain for just €6!


I had a bought a pair of long black gloves last year for a winter wedding, so I decided to wear them again with this outfit. These gloves were bought in Folkster (Shutterbug) here in Kilkenny, they were in or around the €20 mark. I loved wearing these, they are so classy and really set off an outfit.


Last but not least- my shoes! A few weeks ago I spotted these patent pointed black shoes in Debenhams in Waterford city. These shoes are the Red Herring brand. No joke when I say I danced the night away both Friday and Saturday wearing these shoes, I never took them off!


It’s always handy to have a nice black shoe to go with everything. These shoes were on sale for €11! The retail price was €34, so Red Herring are worth a look in future- especially as they are so comfortable.

So there you have it, my first “what I wore” blog. Let me know what you think, and anything you would like to see next 😉

Happy shopping,

Sinéad ❤

2 thoughts on “An Autumn wedding: What I wore 💅👄👒👗

  1. Ellen B says:

    Love your style Sinead. Best of look with your blog. I know a lot of work goes into posts having one myself. Well written look forward to the next one


  2. Lisa says:

    Sinead, brilliant post! Never knew you had a blog! Look forward to reading! I love this dress, it’s the one I asked you about that you wore for the fashion show! Love it! Best of luck Sinead. X


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