Beauty treats under €25! 🙌💅💶

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. I recently did a Vila haul which I’m really looking forward to shooting. I got a number of outfits, I’m just waiting on some good weather to get some pictures outdoors! 😊

In the meantime I’ve picked up some fab beauty treats which I’m dying to share with you!


This first product had appeared so many times on Blogger’s Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Each time I tried to purchase this item however, it was sold out! I eventually got my hands on it last week. This is the amazing Mary-LouManizer from the Balm. This is by far one of the nicest highlighters I’ve ever used! The product itself contains a handy mirror and fits neatly into your make up bag. I use this under the brow bone, on the cupids bow and to highlight the cheek bone area. If you fancy treating yourself this is one to buy (or it would be a fab Christmas pressie)! I purchased this online from Cloud 10 Beauty for €20.50. Cloud 10 has free delivery when you buy products over €15. Keep an eye out online too as there are usually 10% discounts available! 😉

Here is the link:


I was recommended this next product by a number of people. This product is the P. S. felt eye liner pen available from Penneys! Like so many people I find eye liner difficult to put on the upper eye but this product makes it so easy to apply! It’s easy to remove too if you make a little mistake (as so often happens me), this is available for just €2!



I recently completed a module 1 make up course in Eyrebrushed studios in Kilkenny and there was a lot of mention about NYX products. These products can be bought from Sam McCauley chemists, they are great quality and so affordable! My latest purchase in this range is their contour stick. It is available in lighter or darker shades, however I opted for the ‘universal’ tone. Again this is so compact and handy for your make up bag. I generally use the contour creams when I’m doing a night time look, as they tend to be heavier. This product is available for just €14!


Here’s a step by step of how I contour, I then use a beauty blender to complete the look, and ensure I have blended everywhere.


This next product is one I have used continuously for the last two years. This is the Vichy dermablend corrective fluid foundation. It is my favourite foundation for so many reasons! It has great coverage (perfect to cover dark circles or spots), you can take it from day to night by building coverage if required. It is easy to apply, long lasting and at the same time feels light on the skin. This foundation is a fantastic price for just €21.99 from Boots, it is my all time favourite!

I’m returning to Penneys for my last treat! Penneys now stock i ENVY fake eyelashes from the KISS range, these can be bought as a strip or individually. I opted for the strip and used them for the first time going to a wedding recently. In this range I opted for the Natural lashes, however you can buy a thicker or longer lash (Papprazzi or Diva). These lashes can be bought for just €3.50, great price and great quality! The glue I use is the MAC Duo Glue, I recommend this glue as your lashes are sure not to budge and last you all day/night long! 🙂


So there you have it! Essential beauty treats for your make up bag, each under €25.

Happy shopping,

Sinéad 💜

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