Skincare tricks & tips!πŸ‘Œ

Now that Christmas is over and everyone is starting to get back into a routine, I thought I’d share a blog post with you on what I find works great for my skin. Some of you may know I’m a nurse, I work lots of night and work 13 hour days. Between lack of sleep, 6 am starts and central heating my skin can become really dry and dull!

As we all know its important to let skin breathe! I try as much as possible to have make up free days, unfortunately I don’t feel as confident without it, they don’t happen an awful lot! πŸ™ˆ

Here are a few tips and tricks however I do incorporate into my daily routine!


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

I cannot recommend this amazing product enough! It’s a little bit on the expensive side however it will last you a few months and just a tiny amount is needed. This does exactly what it says on the tin! Brightens and tightens without feeling like you’ve applied anything on your skin. I use this as a primer or sometimes I use it when I’m having a make up free day, it gives skin that extra dewy glow. This product is available for €36/50 ml.



As boring as it seems I swear by drinking lots of water! I drink at least a litre of water everyday. Sometimes in work we are simply so busy I forget, but once you start adding water to your daily routine you’ll find your body craves it so you’ll be thirsty when you don’t drink it!

A little tip is to add lemon and limes. Ginger is also a great one to add for a detox! After Christmas, I noticed I had some break outs (from over indulging), however after a few days of drinking water it helps to remove toxins. It’s also great to keep your skin hydrated and long term helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles! 😊


No. 7 Primer

This is a fabulous little product and one which is affordable and again long lasting. I picked this up a number of months ago, and use it as a primer. Similar to the Clarins product I use this over my day cream when I’m having a make up free day, again this helps to add a dewy look to skin. This product is really light on the skin and it’s available for from Boots for €22.50/30 ml.


Green Tea.

Green tea may not be everyone’s favourite let’s face it, and it’s not the easiest to drink, it does however work a treat in maintaining healthy skin. I recently picked up this green tea from Lidl! It was in or around the €3 mark. I find this green tea easier to drink as there is lemon in it!

It makes for a fresh start to the day. Green tea helps to clear toxins, which in turn leaves skin looker brighter and healthier!



In latter years I’ve learned of the importance of exfoliating. As I’ve said central heating and cold weather plays havoc on skin. Exfoliating helps to remove old dry skin, allowing rejuvenated skin cells to surface.
Exfoliating brightens skin and helps produce that natural healthy glow we all crave! I use the No.7 exfoliatior available from Boots for €11/75ml. I exfoliate without fail twice a week, and believe me this works wonders.



As cringey as it may sound, I believe beauty is skin deep. We can sometimesΒ  become wrapped up in the world of make up, fashion and beauty products- however sometimes less is more. So my last tip in the words of Marilyn Monroe is SMILE! πŸ˜†


Happy shopping,

SinΓ©ad πŸ’œ

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