Make up essentials under €11 πŸ˜†

Happy Thursday everyone! I decided to put this short blog together after I purchased these three NYX items last week.

NYX always produce great quality make up yet at high street prices. The reason I picked these three items is because they simply are must haves for your make up bag!


NYX Wonder Stick

I could not praise these little product enough! This wonder stick has multiple functions! Firstly I’ve used this as a white eye liner (especially when I look tired). As a nurse I work 13 hour days, I’m usually up before 6 am so this really helps eliminate the tired look, with the help of a coffee of course! πŸ˜‰


When filling in my brows I also use this as it helps with shaping and lifting!

Last but not least this stick works a treat for coverage if you have a break out! Just apply to the red area and blend. Be sure to sharpen the pencil each time you use this however, to prevent cross contamination. Such a handy little product for your make up bag and only €5.75 (shade WP 02).

NYX Bronzer & Blusher


I am contouring OBSESSED! Everytime I wear make up now I contour!

I picked up this little combo product, and have used the bronzing side as a contour! I love this little palette because it contains a fab light blusher too. I’m not big into blusher but this shade adds a little lift to the cheeks.


I apply the brown colour with a Mac brush (number 168) It helps to do the ‘duck face’ when applying to make sure you contour the correct area.

This product is really pigmented and is another bargain for just €10.99 (shade BBC 03)!

NYX Tame & Frame

The third and final product I got is amazing! (Credit to my pal Maria for telling me about this!) This is the brow filler, and is available in numerous shades. I opted for the darkest (noir), but I probably would have got away with the shade lighter to this.


Here’s an snap of my brows before.


Just a very tiny amount of product is needed when applying this. Especially when using the darker shades. I applied it with a flat ended Mac brushΒ (number 212). Here’s a snap of my brows after! πŸ˜†


There is so much product in this little jar πŸ™ˆΒ and it’s so neat and compact perfect for travelling, priced at just €7.75!

So there you have it, three essential products for your make up bag – which won’t break the bank! πŸ˜‰

Happy shopping,

SinΓ©ad πŸ’œ

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