Kylie Lip Kit – The Review πŸ’„

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

So, straight to business. The Kylie Lip Kit what’s all the fuss about?! I was dying to get my hands on it as quick as possible to see and at last I have!



First and foremost the most difficult part of this product literally is getting it! I ended up monitoring both Kylie’s instagram page and the Kylie Cosmetic’s instagram page. Here are both links.


Kylie will announce when she will next re-stock.Β  It has generally been 4pm US time, so midnight here and yes I did stay up till midnight eagerly awaiting! πŸ˜…


Unfortunately the kits sell out in minutes, so you will need to have your card right by your side to purchase. Or if you have a paypal account this wors too! It also may be worth having your phone or another device like a laptop nearby to use as sometimes the browser may freeze, madness!


I ordered my product on a Wednesday, the site says it may take up to 10-15 days for deliveries outside of the States, however I received mine exactly seven days later!


From the moment I received my kit I literally fell in love with it! The kit came in a large box with lots of stuffing to kept it safe while in en route!


Kylie also uses her signature icon on all parts of the packaging, which I love! πŸ™ˆ


The price of the kit itself is $29 (approximately €25), which isin’t too expensive considering you get two products, the delivery adds on a little extra however, this is $15 (approx €13).

In total you’re spending about €38.

The Product

Lastly to the most important part. The products themselves. Genuinely I can understand what all the fuss is about. I initially thought it may have been a gimmick product, but I have been proven wrong.


The colour I choose was nude, it’s a slightly darker nude known as Candy K.
Koko K would be a little lighter for those who love nudes (I hope to get my hands on this next).

As instructed I applied the lip liner first followed by the matte lipstick. The lippie comes in a small bottle just like a lip gloss, it is applied wet but dries instantly to a fab matte, without leaving your lips feeling dry.

I first applied this at 8am, after eating and drinking the lippie was still even and long-lasting. I then topped up at 2pm and took off all my make up at 7pm that evening!


It’s safe to say this product really lasts, I think the liner has a lot to answer to as regards this, so be sure to use both!

The Verdict

All in all I’m thrilled with this purchase. I love the product design, quality, packaging and love how neat and compatible they are. If you fancy tearing yourself this month I definitely suggest you do with this! You won’t be disappointed! πŸ˜€


Don’t forget to say hello on Snapchat, @Sindebutleir!

Happy shopping,

Sinéad ❀

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