Holidays – What to pack & what I wore!

Hi everyone!

Happy Thursday. I am literally trying to re-adjust to reality after a gorgeous ten days in the island of Crete, Greece! Via Snapchat (@Sindebutleir) I have had some enquiries about what I wore, and queries regarding what exactly to bring on holidays.


Mix & Match your outfits

Okay, first things first, you need to be clever about your outfits. When I went shopping before holidays I focused on purchasing clothes by which I could mix and match and pieces which allowed me re-create differenet looks. For instance I bought a simple pair of white shorts which literally matched with EVERYTHING!

Here are three looks I re-created using these pair of shorts. These short were bought for approx €13 from Penneys.



Don’t be shoe crazy!

Let’s be fair. Trying to keep in with all trends every summer is both expensive and can seriously clog up your wardrobe. Here I focus on footwear. While greek style sandals appear very popular again this year you simply can’t go wrong with a plain sandal. The pair I choose were also from Penney’s, these cost in or around the €10 mark and were super comfy to wear! The gold sandals are pictured in all these blog pictures! 😎

I had packed another pair just in case but I didn’t get the wear out of them. There is also no point packing heels as you simply won’t wear them abroad. As the heat causes your feet to swell, heels will be ten times worse to walk in so for you own sake- just don’t pack them! 😉

Be a bargain hunter!

I did most of my shopping just two weeks before I left for holidays. Some people shop ahead of holidays however it’s still possible to find last minute baragins, when you look hard enough! 😉

Zara claimed two bargains for me. I purchased a stunning white playsuit which in my opinion is a MUST for holidays. White is a gorgeous colour to bring along with you on holidays. It shows off your tan and is so elegant on. Below is the playsuit I picked up reduced to €9.99!


Make sure to be lenient with your sizes when choosing playsuits however. Being comfortable is important on holidays especially as we tend splurge a little when eating out!

I also managed to get my hands on simple v cut white top, which is a body suit. Perfect with shorts or a skirt. I teamed mine with a khaki skirt. This body suit was also reduced to €9.99 in Zara!


Bring a statement piece

When holiday shopping treat yourself to that one piece for a special night during you time away. Whether that’s something you have had your eye on for some time or a piece which has been sitting in your wardrobe – bring it with you!

The piece I choose was a beautiful full length floral print statement dress.




There is nothing more elegant than a full length dress on holidays. They are both eye catching but most importantly really comfortable to wear. This piece was bought for €49 in H & M a couple of months back . What’s great about this piece was that the material doesn’t crease therefore perfect for your suitcase!

Shoulders are sexy!

Let me throw this out there, “no one has fat shoulders”! I once read this in a magazine, and I LOVE this statement! It is so true, who has fat shoulders?! Noone! Showing some shoulder is incredibly sexy, and what better place to do so than on holidays!

Prior to holidays I picked up two simple off the shoulder tops, I really felt great wearing these. The first is a khaki top available in Penney’s and ranges in or around the €12 mark.



This next look included this off the shoulder black top, bought in H&M for €9.99.



Lastly this V-neck was bought online from Missguided for in or around the €20 mark! 🙂 This top also shows off some shoulder!


The Maxi Skirt & Dress.

Last but not least the maxi’s! They have made a big return every summer. There is nothing more comfortable than this item of clothing when on holiers. I was sure to pack two maxi’s skirts- again handy for mix and matching looks. I bought a black and white maxi skirt, they are a great addition to your suitcase! 🙂

In the previous picture you will see I added my black maxi to the black v neck top.

To the next maxi skirt I added my khaki top from Penney’s to this white maxi skirt. I broke the look with the brown belt. Simple, easy to wear and appropriate!


Lastly to this maxi dress, purchased on At the time, this was bought for approximately €12 and they are still available on their website in numerous colours.

Maxi dresses are another handy little number for holiers, opt for the plain colours so as you can change and add accessories as you wish!


So there you have it, some advice and tips as you prepare to fly! Any questions snap me (Snapchat @sindebutleir).

Happy shopping, and happy holidays!

Sinéad de Blogger <3.

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