Belle Femme Lingerie – The Review! šŸ‘™

Greetings all!

Hope you are all having a great week so far. So if you are following on Snapchat (@sindebutleir), you’ll know I was kindly asked into Belle Femme a few weeks ago.

Belle Femme is a stunning lingerie shop based on Kieran Street, Kilkenny. Years ago, now I mean years ago I was measured for a bra. All I remember is feeling mortified in the dressing rooms as my mum waiting outside laughing at my embarassment of having to be measure for a bra. I think I was just 14 at the time! Between that age and now I think I was measured for a bra just once!

A mortal sin really. šŸ™ˆ Owner of Belle Femme, Bridget Power advises that we should be measured for bras every six months due to our horomones, time of the month and weight fluctation. As well as this it is a health matter!

I was a little nervous to say the least popping into Belle Femme, but once in Bridget put me at ease. The shop has privacy and you don’t feel as though you are being overheard as the dressings rooms are split either side of the shop.

The decor is amazing and there is an array of beautiful, elegant lingerie. Initally I always thought I was a 32/34 C. As Bridget spoke about my current bra she pointed out the fact that when I bent over there was a significant gap between my bra and my boob! First sign that the bra has to go and is way too big.

Without using any measuring tape and within minutes Bridget had picked out a nude t-shirt bra for me. As Bridget said perfect for everyday and work. When I looked at this bra however my first reaction was, “this is too big”!
It was a EE! Furthermore Bridget had reduced the back size and I now wore 30!
When I put the bra on I couldn’t believe how it fit perfectly as well as this I even had some cleavage!

The brand of bra worn is a Panache brand. Prices for these are in or around the ā‚¬45-47 mark. But they are an AMAZING investment.
The next bra Bridget gave me was this stunning lace. Again I couldn’t believe when I tried this on how much of a shape it gave me.
As Bridget suggested this type of bra is stunning with a denim shirt – the stunning lace on the tops of the cup give the impression that there is another top just underneath.

The Conclusion.
So having worn both bras, I have to say I found the nude one took me a good week to re-adjust. As you drop a couple of back sizes it takes a while for your body to get used to this. It feels quiet tight and nearly uncomfortable to say the least! 

Bridget had warned me about this however so I did expect it. Once your body re-adjusts however they are super comfy on.

All this lingerie must be handwashed! This is in order for them to last and obtain optimim quality.

There are five reasons why I reccomend you get yourself in to Belle Femme.
1. My posture is better I stand a little straighter and I feel I have more support with my new bras, i.e it’s a health matter.

2. Bridget and her staff make you feel so welcome and not a bit uncomfortable. 

3. You would not walk out of shop buying the wrong size dress so why buy the wrong size bra! šŸ˜† ( That is my favourite!).

4. You feel super sexy and great.
5. Clothes look better, you have a better shape and tops and dresses don’t feel as tight when you wear the right bra!

Have you I convinced you yet?! šŸ˜
I want to sincerely thank Bridget for asking me in. I never wanted to shy away from this subject as it’s an important subject.
You can find Belle Femme on Facebook here:

Or online here:
Happy shopping!

Sinead ā¤.

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