Max Factor-Newest products review

Hi everyone!

So last week I was kindly sent a gorgeous little pack of new Max Factor products which has recently landed on shelves nationwide.

Smooth Miracle Primer

The first product I tried was their primer. First things first here is value for money. This product costs €15.49. It is a generous bottle, 30mls to be exact. I  loved the feeling of the primer on the skin it is light but also slightly hydrating!

This primer worked a dream in help keeping the foundation in place. I work as a nurse, so my day is 13 hours long. This allows me the perfect opportunity to see if a product really lasts. I would highly recommend this primer, a great price and you are sure to get your money’s worth of it. It is even nice to wear on a make up free day!

Miracle Touch Foundation

Honestly I have never bought Max Factor foundations, so I was very apprehensive trying this.

Firstly the presentation of this product is fab. The product includes a little sponge for application as well a little compartment for storage. The moment I opened this I could see it was going to be fab on the skin.

The texture is so creamy and gives the effect of ‘airbrushing’ on the skin. Not only is the gorgeous on the skin, it lasts really well too.

I am really impressed with this foundation. I love how compact it is and ideal it is for travelling- no hassle with liquids when going through security!

Lastly to finish – the price. This foundation retails at €17.99, bargain!

False Epic Lash Mascara

I was aso kindly sent the new mascara. This mascara retails at €16.99. Initial thoughts for this product is the main body of the brush didn’t give a huge extension to lashs. However the bigger ending to the brush reinforced length and volume.

Not a bad product for the price!

All in all I am pretty impressed with Max Factor’s latest products!  For the prices you are paying, you are receiving good quality make up products. I would especially recommend the primer and the foundation. All Max Factor products can be bought from Boots & Nationwide pharmacies.

Happy Shopping,

Sinead ❤




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