Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo & Conditioner- The Review. πŸ’†πŸ’‡

Hi everyone!

Some time ago, I was so grateful to have been asked to a blogger breakfast with Marissa Carter and the fab Cocoa Brown crew.

Here Marissa launched her gorgeous Kind Shampoo & Conditioner range. 

First things first I am no expert on hair- but I have noticed a significant difference in the shine and strength of my hair.
Where I live in Dublin, there is a lot of lime in the water- making my hair very dry. As well as this I have balayage in my hair, which led to split ends and dryness.

I have been using these products the last two months and really love them. They have been very kind to the colour and hasn’t dulled the balayage at all!

The shampoo gives a really good cleanse and clean and at the same time it is suttle and kind to the scalp. I suffer with an irritable scalp and dryness (again from limey water)- I have noticed a great improvement in this since using these products.


I have coarse super curly hair, the conditioner has worked a dream for this. I am constantly styling my hair for events and using lots of hair spray. For me the conditioner acts as good as a mask. Hair feels suttle and knot free afterwards.


The gorgeous packaging and colouring incorporates the unique Cocoa Brown pink. Size wise they are just right and not too bulky, very handy for your siutcase!

Lastly and most importantly – Price.
You are not breaking the bank on these products, they are a steal at just €2.95!! Like all Cocoa Brown products you are getting top notch quality at a ridiculosly low price.

To conclude, these are gorgeous and I 100% reccomend them to all hair types. If you want healthy looking hair- these are your go to!

Happy shopping,

Sinéad ❀

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