Beautiful Kraków

Happy Monday everyone,

Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend! If you are following on Snapchat (@sindebutleir) you’ll know I’m just back from the beautiful city of Kraków. I wanted to give you some information on what to do and see if you decide to pay a visit there! Firstly I never realised that Poland does’t use Euro they actually have their own are currency, Zloty(so bear this in mind before you travel).

We flew directly from Dublin to Kraków with Ryanair. Kraków airport is located about twenty minutes from the city centre. We grabbed a taxi from the airport to our accomodation. Just clarify the price before you get the taxi, the going rate is approx 89 Zloty (about €20).


I opted for an apartment instead of a hotel this time for a couple of reasons. One being comfort and privacy -we had our own kitchen and living area. As well as this having to eat out for breakfasts gives you an opurtunity to explore the city. I would 100% recommend our accommodation, we stayed in 7 Koron Apartments. It has a 9.9 rating for location and 4.5 overall rating on It is just off the Main Square, a prefect location right in the city centre. It is just a 20 minute walk to the main bus and train station.


You can find 7 Koron Aparments on Be aware however there is no free cancellation policy associated with this accomodation.

Auschwitz (Oswiecim)

First on our list for day one in Kraków was getting to Auschwitz. This trip more or less takes up your whole day, so best not to plan anything else for this day. To get here we used public transport. We walked to the main bus station and just asked for the next bus to Auschwitz. I think this bus journey cost 34 Zloty return for two of us and the bus dropped us at the entrance. The bus journey takes just over an hour.

Here we began our three and half hour tour of the concentration camps which costs about 90 Zloty for two people. There are tours in every language and generally go every hour. For the tour you are given headphones and your tour guide will talk you through everything as you tour the camp. The headphones are great as they allow you to stop at landmarks while still taking in all the information from your tour guide. Below are some snaps of the area. This tour was mind blowing, surreal and devastating all at the one time but I 100% reccomend seeing this.




On the first night we ate in an INCREDIBLE restaurant called ‘Marmolada’ and is just off the main square. The food is second to none. I reccomend trying the duck or steak, you will not be dissappointed!🙈

Night Life

We also sussed managed to suss out the night life. The music and djs in Kraków are top notch, even on a Wednesday night! If you like house music head to ‘Prozak’.



We also went to Frantic and Lokal. These are all based around the Main Square and are really accessible.

Salt Mines
Our second day (started with major hangovers), but we made it to the STUNNING salt mines. The salt mines are located about 30 minutes outside Kraków in a town called Wieliczka. Salt was like gold during the middle ages so the mines were preserved carefully. Getting here can also be done via public transport. We got the 304 bus from the outside the main shopping centre (Galleria).

I think this was 14 Zloty return for two of us. Here you have a tour guide for 2 and a half hours. I won’t tell you too much about the amazing mines you will be in awe, this was yet another trip that was mind blowing.


The end of our second night was spent strolling around the beautiful city and main square. Here we found another gorgeous restaurant at the Main Square called, Pod Sloncem. It has a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor, I reccomend the Hungarian white wine and the beef burger!

Last but not least pop in to the chruch just off the square for some stunning architecture and decor. I’m not one for chruch seeing when on holidays but this is very beautiful.


Kraków in my opinion does not get the credit or recognition it deserves for a great city break.


Don’t forget to say hello on Snapchat (@sindebutleir).

Happy travels,
Sinéad ❤

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