My November Favourites

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe the month of December is upon us. Last month I was grateful to have been sent some different products to trial. Here are some of my faves!

  1. Declaré

The Swiss brand skincare range Declaré has been around for many years, since the 1970’s in fact. It is one of those skincare brands I had heard so much about but had never tried. Declaré Ireland kindly sent me a skincare range starter pack for sensitive skin. This included cleansing milk, toner, detoxing night cream and stress balance day cream.
Cleansing Milk

I fell I love with the cleansing milk the minute I used this. Cleansing milk should be used on the skin after make up is removed for optimum effect. This cleanser is very kind to the skin. At the same time I found it is light and leaves skin feeling hydrated.

Tonifying Lotion

I am always reluctant when it comes to toners. I have tried many toners and I am left with tight, dry skin after. I was pleasantly surprised how soft this tonifying lotion left my skin feeling. I didn’t have any tightness, hence I was more inclined to incorporate this into my skincare routine.

Skin Meditation Cream

My skin is naturally drier, especially this time of the year. From the cold weather, to constant heating indoors (as I work as a nurse) and working night shifts, my skin becomes dull and dry. The quality and thickness of this cream is amazing, without giving it that heavy feeling. As well as this I found it was quickly absorbed.

I also noticed that this is great for red or irritated skin, for instance after I shower my skin is usually red and sore and this works a treat!

Detox Night Cream

Who knew the importance of having a day and night cream?  Yet it is vital. I am still only learning when it comes to skincare. This detox night cream is a must have in my opinion. The ingredients within this cream work as your skin rests and re-junvenates overnight. Nighttime is a prime time for products to work effectively. This product also works on harsh lines, dehydrated skin and skin elasticity.

To conclude I cannot recommend this skincare range enough. You won’t regret any money spent on this skincare range!

2. Tan Organic Self-Tanning Mousse

By far one of the nicest gifts I received last month, the Tan Organic self-tanning mousse and mit! 

Mousse is my go to for tan application. It is the only form of tan I can work with effectively. This mousse allows for ideal application, simply use one to two pumps and apply using the mit. (The mit by the way is machine-washable and will last you an age!)

The mousse glides easily onto the skin with immediate effect so you can see exactly where the product goes. I left the mousse on overnight and was really impressed with the glow I had the next day! Another thing I am cagey with as regards fake tan is how the product comes off. With everyday moisturising the product is your dream for long lasting tan. It wears off nicely, it wasn’t patchy nor did it dry out my skin. One thing I will say about this product is it gives a natural glow, for those who prefer darker tan I reccomend you apply two-three times.

Tan Organic prides itself on all it’s natural ingredients and being eco friendly something which is vital nowadays. Tan Organic self-tanning mousse is currently my go to tan!

It retails at €29.95, you can purchase it here –

3. Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask – The Body Shop

After using some products from the Body Shop in recent times,  I decided to purchase this mask. Like many of us, I am suffering from dry, dull looking skin this time of the year.

The product is really thick, bouncy and gel like consistency. When applying just a small amount is needed and use massaging motions when doing so. I left this mask on overnight and my skin visibly looked a lot more vibrant, hydrated and softer the following day. I removed the remaining product with a cleanser and some cotton pads the following day. This product is a great pick me up for skin during the cold winter months!

I paid €24 (approximately €33 in stores) for this in the duty free, and it contains 90mls of product.

4. NOTE BB Cream.

Two weeks ago I attended the launch of NOTE cosmetics. A new and exciting brand of make up which has just come to Ireland. NOTE originates from Germany and prides itself on it’s great quality and low prices.

I was very grateful to have been given some of the products to try out. I immediately fell in love with their BB cream (shade 01). Working shift work means constant heat, hence I use lighter products on my skin as I am in work for 13 hours.

This cream offers amazing coverage with the smallest amount of product! On top of this, the light weight feeling means your skin is left with a natural glow. It is next to impossible to achieve all these perks in one product and for this price! This is why I wanted to highlight it to you all. This product retails at just €11.95 and can be bought from independent pharmacies or Sam Mac Cauley chemists.

5. Young Blood Concealer

Young Blood is a make up brand which I am also new to. Young Blood make up prides itself on it’s ingredients. Originally created by a medical aesthetician many of the products are made from finely ground minerals from the Earth.

I had the oppurtunity to trial their ultimate concealer. Again referring back to my profession allows me a chance to trial products. Night duty for me means dark under eye circles. I love the coverage this gives, it is also good for disguising break outs or skin redness.

This product retails at €27, a little pricey, but for the amount of product you need it will be sure to last you months! Young Blood are stocked in selected pharmacies throughout Ireland.

6. Clarin’s

Looking for a stocking filler? This is your go to this Christmas from Clarin’s. In November I received a little gift set from Clarins. This includes a mini wash bag and some Clarin’s goodies perfect for travelling. The first product is the Clarin’s instant lip comfort oil, essential for these cold months. My lips are constantly cracked and sore. This offers instant relief, colour as well as a little lip pumping formula.

Next is a Noir eye pencil, must have for your make up bag as well as an Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch (15mls). 

Like all Clarin’s products this instant smooth moisturiser is a gem to work with. It helps to smooth out fine lines and also works great as a primer.

You can purchase this little gift pack from boots. They retail from €39 with lots of gift sets to choose from. For more ideas and products follow this link.
Happy Shopping everyone!
Sinéad 💙


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