My skincare routine!

Hi everyone!

Now that the month of January is upon us, and everyone is big into clean eating, skin care and getting back into a routine after the Christmas period I decided to write a little blog about my skin care routine. I am regularly asked about my skincare routine, what I use and how I look after it.

Make Up Removal.


First thing’s first. Remove that make up! I don’t believe a cleanser should be used to remove make up. I believe cleansers should be used on ‘clean’ skin., so I always ‘double cleanse’.

To remove my make up I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.  I find this is so soft and gentle on skin, and doesn’t leave it feeling dry or tight. In fact it gives a really fresh feeling afterwards.  This retails at approximately €5.

I return to Garnier for eye make up removal. I use their Express 2 in 1, This product  has an oily base hence it’s easier to remove heavy duty eye make up, especially gel liners and mascaras. As well as this the oil like texture means you don’t have to rub too much! The eye area is so vulnerable, in fact this area has the thinnest layer of skin on the face. So  we must be careful not to cause skin damage which may result in further wrinkles or fine lines.  This product is a dream to work with and it’s not too greasy, it retails at approximately €4.



Last summer I was invited into Biofresh in Swords to trial a facial and I was kindly given some of their products. I swear I literally have NOT looked back since. In the meantime I have tried some products but non of them gave me that feeling or same results as the Biofresh range did.

Once my make up is removed I cleanse with the Biofresh Probiotic Cleansing Milk. There are so many benefits to this milk. The probiotic element of the cleanser means your skin is left feeling soft with improved elasticity. This product also contains rose oil, so it helps in healing both long term and with sudden outbreaks of bad skin.

The significant ingredient in this product is Lactobacillus Bulgaricus (derived from Bulgaria) found in probiotic yoghurt. This helps to stimulate intense collagen and elastin production for smoother skin. This product retails at just €18, so so SO affordable!! You can find it here:



First thing’s first I am not a fan of toners, I have yet to try a toner that does not leave skin feeling dry, tight and harsh. I have found two toners so far which do not cause this.

The Declare tonifying lotion and the Rose Water Natural also from Biofresh. I am currently using the Rose Water, if you have old scarring or break outs then rose water is your go to for this. Rose water is known to have natural healing ability. As well as this the antioxidant properties of rose water help to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

This helps to leave your skin feeling hydrated as opposed to tight. Again you won’t break the bank with this, as it retails at just €9.50! You can find it here:

Calming Serum


If you suffer with skin redness after showering or removing heavy make up I suggest you try the Bryt calming serum. I use this whenever my skin feels aggravated and it helps to reduce redness. The Serum contains essential oils and natural ingredients including Mimosa, Jasmine and Rose Absolute. I always look for ‘natural’ ingredients when choosing my skincare brands. You can purchase Bryt in pharmacies including Mc Cabes, Sam McCauleys and Shaws




I return to Biofresh for my moisturizer I am using the Probiotic Day Cream, again this helps with skin elasticity and it is moisturising but with the right balance – it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily. This product contains a UV filter however there is no SPF.  This product retails at €25 you can find it here:


If you find your skin is dull and dehydrated looking, especially during cold months I use the Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping mask. This for me is a nice treat after a couple of days in work surrounded by central heating and dry air. It gives your skin a fresher hydrated look, also helps to diffuse fine lines. Simply apply and leave overnight as you sleep. The product is absorbed overnight. Sleeping is when your skin can rejuvenate and create new cells, what better time to add a fabulous product then while you sleep! This retails at approximately €33, the product is thick so it is sure to last you many months.


For a little bit of luxury I suggest trying the Glamglow selection. This however is JUST a treat as it is crazy expensive! I use the following three products, each of which retail at approximately €55!

  1. Hydration


2. Exfoliation


3.  Breakouts



For more updates add me on Snapchat @sindebutleir! I am big on skincare so there will always be some updates!

Happy shopping,


Sinead ❤




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