Clarin’s NEW contour palette- The Review

Last week I was delighted to attend a gorgeous event to introduce some of Clarin’s newest products. The main highlight of the night was their contour palette.

I was surprised to learn at this event that Clarin’s had produced a contouring palette long before the whole ‘contouring’ frenzy took off, so I was excited to try this! I am sucker for Clarin’s skincare products so I was intruiged to see what a contour palette created by Clarins would be like.

The Packaging.

I love the look of this palette which is rose gold and in particular, the size of the product. Contour palettes on a whole tend to be big and wide. This however is opposite. It is small, compact and fits neatly in to your make up bag. There is a mirror for extra handiness. The product itself also contains an angled brush for application.


Personally I found the brush a little too structured and after product application I had to do a lot more blending as there were harsh lines. If you are not very confident in contouring I recommend using a softer brush, also one with a longer handle as it as a little easier to blend. The brush however is good for a little nose contouring. The outer case of the product I noted is exceptionally thick soa it ensures good protection of the product when travelling.

The Product.

The product itself for me is very impressive. It contains a darker shade to cotour with, a lighter shade and a blush. Depending on skin tone you may build for darker skin or a more defined look, especially night time make up. On a whole I feel this product is agreeable to Irish skin tone.

Generally people tend to fear the ‘contour’ look as they may be afraid of harsh lines, this product however is very easy to work with. The lighter shade also works as mattifying powder post make up application and helps to reduce shine.

The blush in this product allows for a gorgeous finish. For me I don’t usually wear blushers as I always find they are too bright. This shade however is really suttle, and adds a nice finished look after you contour.

The price.

This product retails at €45. Price point I find it’s not too bad for a Clarin’s product. In my opinion a good quality product always requires a degree if investment and expenditure. You are sure to get your money’s worth out of this.

For those who are not so confident in contouring or may be new to it I suggest investing in this product due to how easy it is to work with.

The conclusion

To conclude I am a fan of this newest product to Clarins. I would recommend investing in a fluffier brush for application if you haven’t already. I have learnt that half the battle with any make up product is the product itself and this is definietly one of my favourites.

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