The Dore’s Experience

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! As I’m sure many of you know I’m originally from Kilkenny so I love to support local business’ as best I can.Last Friday I was kindly asked into Dore’s opticians for a complimentry eye test. 

Dore’s is located on High Street in Kilkenny city. It’s been ten years since my last eye examination. As a nurse I work nights and 13 hour days, I am in front of computers all day my eyes tend to play tricks on me and get tired at times so I knew it was vital to get another check done.

Growing up my mum and dad always complimented Dore’s Opticians and the quality of service they provided . As a teenager I had my first eye examination here.

On arrival I met Richie Dore, son of founder of Dore’s, Kilkenny. The staff were so welcoming. Dore’s have a state of the arch examination room where I was taken for my full eye examination.
The first test was a routine eye test to see if I could read letters and numbers from a distance. Next we did a test for glaucoma , a puff test! This is what it says on the tin, a puff of air directed at the eye to measure pressure which is linked to glaucoma. Richie also did a very detailed examination by simply looking at both eyes, looking for any signs of bleeds or dryness.

Throughout the examination we tried various lens and reading letters again to see if glasses were required.  Finally we did a really detailed x-ray which examines the whole eye, again this looks for a majority of things like glaucoma, burst blood vessels and assesses for cataracts.

The result

It turns out I am actually slightly long sited. However my eyes are managing without glasses (for now!). This (I learned) changes with age, hence why it’s important to get two eye tests every two years.

As I didn’t require glasses I was invited to have a look at their extensive sun glass collection. I could NOT believe the selection of shades, brands and styles Dore’s had to choose from.  Richie the owner was so patient and allowed me some time to try numerous pairs on. Eventually I decided on a STUNNING pair of Prada shades. Personally I love different styles and something a little quirky, so these suit me down to the ground! I cannot wait for holidays and to wear them all summer long. These are black in colour and won’t date due to their classy look. I am IN LOVE with them!

Honestly I never knew there was so much detail involved in an eye examination. It’s not only vital to get your eye’s tested by but an eye health check is as important.  This detailed examination costs €48. If you are i  full time employment over 5 years (not self-employed) you may be entitled to a free eye test!

So what are you waiting for! You can find Dore’s online here, I highly recommend paying them a visit!

Thanks again to Richie & his team for having me in!

Happy Shopping,

Sinéad x


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