Sculpted by Aimee Connolly – The Review

Happy hump day everyone!

So last weekend I attended the Irish Beauty Show held in the RDS. It was my first time to attend this event. Some of you may know,  I started my blog just over a year ago after a short illness. I had a lot of time off to re-cuperation so I began writing blogs and reviewing products.

I had heard a LOT about Sculpted palette by Aimee Connolly, I had seen Aimee on Pippa O’ Connor’s Snapchat but had never met her in person. Denise from Holy had raved about this product as had James Butler and his fab sister Vanessa! At the beauty show I popped over to both Aimee and Jennifer Rock (A.K.A ) the Skin Nerd. First and foremost the girls are very much the same off camera as on camera, which for me is very refreshing.

The 3 P’s


The attention to detail on Aimee’s packaging is well thought out and eye catching. There’s a personal touch to the product as Aimee has a gold inscription of her signature on the packaging. My first thoughts were how small the palette was, I had always imagined a bigger palette from pictures I had seen. This actually impressed me. I spend a lot of time travelling as my boyfriend lives in Donegal and I am originally from Kilkenny. First thing I thought of was how neat it was either for my handbag for top ups! The product also contains a mirror, VITAL!

The Product.

The product itself contains 3 shades, a bronzer in powder form, a sheer glow for highlight and a cream highlighter. As well as this it contains a step by step instructions leaflet, very helpful for people who are not confident in contouring. Within the leaflets are images of exact application for each product. Though I am confident in make up application, my profession is nursing. I squeezed in a 6 week  make up course some time ago, but I’m always learning and tips are always welcomed.

If you are following me on Snapchat (@sineaddeblogger), you’ll have seen my reaction to this product. One sweep of the product and I was instantly like “WOW”. Not a lot of product is required to create an instant effect of contour/sculpt. The quality of the darker shade is really impressive.

The golden sheen powder in this palette is literally AMAZING. It for me makes the palette unique and stands out from the numerous contour palettes I’ve tried. Even if you’re having a makeup free day a little application of this golden sheen to the top of your cheeks and down the centre of the nose gives an instant lift to the face. 

For me a highlight completes a contour – as opposed to lighter shading. I find it can be to contrasting especially when not blended correctly.

The cream highlighter is a nice addition to the palette, but honestly the golden sheen powder just did it for me.


The palette itself costs €24.95 – not a bad price point at all considering the quality of the product you are getting. As an extra you can purchase the brush (€12.95) which I have yet to try!

To conclude I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product, and can’t believe I haven’t tried it sooner. I will definitely be purchasing again, and it will be coming everywhere with me this summer! You can shop the palette here

I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Happy Shopping,

Sinead x

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