Clarin’s NEW Instant eye reviver & illuminator – The Review.

Happy Thursday!

So if you are following me on Snapchat (@sineaddeblogger) you’ll know I’ve been using the newest two product’s to Clairn’s eye care range a LOT lately, especially this week as I am on night duty!


First things first I am a bit of sucker for Clarins products, in particular their skincare products. These two newest products focus predominately on the eye area. This area of the face is critical to look after, due to the exceptionally thin layer of skin.

The 3 P’S


The first product is their instant eye-reviver (Multi active- yeux). First thing striking to this product is the colour change (coral). I have always associated Clarins with their signature white packaging and red handwriting. The soft pastel colours in these new products are immediately eye catching and similar to how they work. This is clever by Clarins they are “soft in colour” creating the idea of a softness on skin.  This product design reminds me of a lip balm, it is a handy applicator to ensure precise and direct application to defined areas, perfect for the eye area.



The second product is their instant eye illuminator (Mission perfection yeux), a soft pink in colour this applicator is a little different. The tip of the product contains a soft brush with a built in tube to allow product to be applied and used at the same time.



I have been using the instant eye-reviver before make up application and it does help soften lines when skin may be dehydrated or you are just really tired. Critical to reducing soft lines is drinking lots of water, however this product is defiantly an added help and visually you will see a difference.

I was REALLY excited to try this second product, I always associate any illuminator in Clarins with the Beauty Flash Balm. This product is very light in consistency, vital for this region you are going to work on. Make up artists always warn us not to overdo this area with product as it becomes ‘caked’ within creases – causing lines to look thicker.

The product itself is very light, more like a water based solution as opposed to a cream, hence creating soft look. The added tint works on darker or red areas to help reduce tones and also acts as a great eye shadow application base! What’s great about this is it also contains an SPF of 15, vital during both winter and summer months. Personally I use the brush to add little dots of the products and use my ring finger to gently pat the product onto the skin around the eye area.


These products retail at €42 each on Clarins shelves. A little bit more on the pricey side but when you see results it make spending money worth it! These will be on my list to purchase when I run out!


Happy Shopping,

Sinead x





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