Laser Hair Removal – What’s it all about?!

Hi everyone!

On the eve of my second treatment of laser hair removal I wanted to fill you in on my experience so far with laser hair removal in conjunction with Therapie Clinic . As some of you may know I recently started the “laser hair removal journey” just over six weeks ago. Laser hair removal is something which I have thought about for a LONG time. When I say I’ve tried everything I mean I literally tried everything, when it comes to hair removal. As a brunette and darker skin tone, hair removal naturally is more of a nuisance for me.


For me underarm and bikini line hair have been the bane of my life and literally impacted on my confidence, especially when on holidays. I found even when I had waxing done the re-growth was back after 3 or 4 days, not ideal especially when you are on holidays. Having heard lots of great reviews about Therapie Clinic I went for my first consultation.


Before my appointment I was nervous, and a little embarrassed.  As a nurse I am not phased by much but when the tables are reversed I hate it! I can’t begin to explain how great the girls were by putting me at ease straight away. They talked me through everything involved in laser hair removal and were an honest and upright from the get go. Laser hair removal varies per person, so it’s a journey some may requires more sessions than others.

There is a degree of responsibility when you start laser hair removal too. For example shaving prior to sessions to ensure close zapping near the root of the hair.  All these instructions are very easy but vital in order for laser hair removal to work as quick and effectively as possible. With all my questions answered, and a successful patch test completed (which is a good taster as to how laser feels) we planned for our first session.

I was a LOT more at ease returning to  Therapie Clinic for my first session thanks to the professionalism of the girls, and how they had  made me feel so comfortable. I couldn’t believe how quick it was we had the session done in under 30 minutes, so it takes little or no time out of your day.


The one question I constantly get asked since I begun laser hair removal is; is it sore?! The answer is NO! Waxing for me is hell, laser is a doddle in comparison. Therapie have also upgraded all their machines in recent years too so as to improve client’s experience.



Honestly I did not expect to see a difference after 1 session, but I was proven completely wrong. Underarm hair re-growth is significantly slower already, and less shaving is required. Shaving always caused redness and irritation for me especially underarms due to how sensitive the area is. Already I see a drastic improvement in my skin care too, a win win situation!


Already I know I have made the right decision going down the road of laser hair removal. Having the professionalism of Therapie Clinic on board has assured me even more.

If you haven’t already pop in store for you free consultation, there are 13 stores located around Ireland or find them online at

Sinéad x






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