My Phi Brows – Hush Lash Lounge

Hi everyone!

So last week I had my FIRST session of microblading done in Hush Lash & Brow Lounge which is based in Naas owned by Rachel.


As many of you know from Snapchat (@sineaddeblogger) I am obsessed with my brows, and limit those who do them! Sounds crazy, but for many years I had little or no brows, they we short and non-existence! Thankfully they grew back relatively well but because I am so dark, they still required a lot of filling in everyday. I found tinting worked, but just did not last. So I begun looking into microblading.

Having look at Rachel’s work (Hush Lash & Brow Lounge) on Instagram I saw how good it was and took a trip out to her gorgeous little salon.

Rachel’s rented room is beautfiul, decor and interior is so eye-catching and she herself made me feel really welcome and explained everything so well before we began. I immediately warmed to her and she didn’t mind me asking 101 questions and she explained everything in great detail!

Rachel uses the brand ‘Phi Brow’, which I learnt is the best product to go with as it gives the most natural effect for micro blading. Micro blading is practically tattooing extra fine lines similar to hair between your brows! Once done well, it gives the effect of fuller looking brows.

Before the procedure begun, Rachel numbed both brows, this worked a treat as I did not feel a thing as she was using the tattoo pen! The session took approx an hour and a half.


As I mentioned I do have brows but always had to fill them in. Here is a close up snap of my brows beforehand. As you can see they look scarce, in particular at the front.

Here are my brows after! I have NEVER had so many compliments about my brows. My friends told me they were the nicest they had ever seen.


Sounds crazy but I feel SO much more confident wearing no makeup. Now that my brows are there ALL the time all I need is a little mascara and I’m good to go! I cannot recommend Rachel’s expertise enough. You can tell she is a true perfectionist as this can be see through her work. I will pop back to Rachel for my second and last top up in about 6 weeks, and that’s me done! Such an easy process and so worth it. Just think about all the money spent on brow products, now they are just done for good.


Depending on skin type , you may require a top up before a year is up after getting micro blading however if not a yearly top up is all that is guaranteed! All you are required to do for 3 days after micro blading is to apply and Vaseline like product over the brows twice a day, it’s so easy!

I am so thrilled with my fab brows! You can find Rachel on Facebook & Instagram @Hush Lash & Brow lounge and arrange your Phi Brow consultation, you won’t be disappointed!

Happy brow days!

Sinead x

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