Thérapie – Laser hair removal

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m currently en route home to Ireland from Milan, we’ve spent the last 10 days travelling North Italy. While in the airport, I’ve had some time to sit back and get cracking on this blog post which is very suitable to be writing while on hols!

Some of you may already know I begun laser hair removal with Thérapie Clinic some time ago.

Just before holidays I had my third session. I’ve been attending the clinic in Tallaght. From the get go I found the girls in there to be 100% professional. Most importantly for me I could ask all the questions I needed to, and still do!

The sessions take about twenty minutes and are every six weeks.

I had decided to go have laser hair removal under my arms and my bikini area. These areas for me were always the most uncomfortable and I ALWAYS got so sore from shaving and waxing. Having also suffered with ingrown hairs too I was fed up off all forms of hair removal.

I am sallow skinned so my hair is darker and unfortunately coarser, which for me made hair removal even worse. Brunettes, you will agree. Having heard such great reviews about Thérapie Clinic I took the plunge and begun laser hair removal.

Initially I had felt embarrased at the idea exposing my ‘bits’, however the staff make you feel very comfortable so I’ve forgotten about all that now that I’m on my third session.

Is it sore?!
This is something I am ALWAYS asked, for me it’s fine- anything beats waxing and the effort of continous shaving. This is a walk in the park!

The Results.
So straight to what we all want to know. Does it work? Is it worth it? For the first time in years I have felt the most confident on holidays in my bikini!

Having had 3 sessions done already the reuslts are incredible for me. After under arm shaving I had re-growth the next day. I now go up to 4 days without any re-growth. Skin is smooth without any cuts or sores from razors.

Bikini line is the same up to 4 days until I notice hair returning, even at this the hair is softer. No more ingrown hairs either!

I genuninely write this, I am beyond impressed so far with Thérapie’s laser hair removal. I am just 3 sessions in (Thérapie reccomend at least 6) and can’t believe the results already. Not only has it been effective it’s helped my self-confidence tonnes too!

Thérapie Clinic has clinics around Ireland and all their details can be found on You won’t be disappointed!

Sinéad x

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