Powder ‘n’ Pout Brushes

Happy Tuesday everyone!

A couple of months back I was kindly sent some brushes from a company known as ‘powder ‘n’ pout’. This company are Irish owned and were established in Donegal by a fab lady named Aisling! Before writing this post I wanted to see how the brushes ‘wore’ and washed. I’ve had a chance to use this over the last few months and have been so impressed with their quality and longevity.

First things first about these brushes is that they were ‘born’ in Ireland. While there are numerous brushes on the market is great to support ‘local’ & Irish. Next thing is their price point, these brushes are so affordable as you will see when you read on. Lastly the attention to detail on their packaging is fab too as you can see from my first pic up above!

I’ve narrowed down some of my favourite brushes from their huge range and why.

The P 120

p n p

This is my FAVOURITE brush from their extensive range! I use this brush as my contouring brush. First things first is how incredibly SOFT this brush feels on the skin (it is made from sable hair). It is tapered in an angle too making it easy to create your contour and definition but not severe. The tip of this brush also allows you to use it as a highlight on the top of your cheek bones, simply dab some highlight and apply. Having washed and re-used this brush I have lost no hairs, and the quality remains the same. This brush retails at just €14! This is by far my favourite brush in their range. Shop it here https://www.powdernpout.com/products/the-angled-blush-p120

The P 245


This brush is known as the Duo Crease, I use this as an under eye concealer brush.  The brushes within this are scare (duo fibre- wash really well) so product moves easier. This is especially handy under the eye area as you don’t want product to become ‘cakey’ or reinforce fine lines. This brush is very versatile too as it’s a fab one for blending eye shadows. Personally I love it for concealing under the eye. This brush retails at just €10! You can shop this here https://www.powdernpout.com/collections/makeup-brushes/products/the-duo-crease-p245

The P 210


For those prefer light weight foundation or the ‘no make up’ look I suggest this brush. Similar to the duo crease brush it is made of duo fibre technology making blending a lot easier and effortless. This brush came on holidays with me and I used Mac face & body, again the duo fibres are sparce here so product is evenly applied. This can also be used to apply body shimmer, or body oil on my legs after I tan. It really has multiple uses! This brush retails at €18.00 and you can shop it here https://www.powdernpout.com/products/the-duo-tapered-powder-p210.

The P 230


Next up is the P 230, also known as the HD Buffer. For those who prefer more coverage, I suggest using the P 230, this is a densely compacted brush, however the handle is also shorter making coverage much more obtainable. This contains duo fibre technology making application easy (duo fibre brushes are a lot easier to clean too!). I’ve used this to apply my night time make up. For nights out I prefer more coverage so this brush is perfect. Throughout washing these brushes the quality remains as good as the day I got it. This brush costs €16.00 and you can shop it here, https://www.powdernpout.com/collections/makeup-brushes/products/the-hd-buffer-p230.



The next (and most used) brush in my make up bag is the P100, also known as the powder dome. This is ideal for bronzing, in particular the neck area. Similar to the contouring brushes this is so gentle and soft on the skin.

It’s densely compacted with hairs to ensure you cover large areas as the brush is large it makes the process quicker too! I always use this add some colour to my neck after applying my makeup. Again it washes fab, feels nice and fluffy and wears well. This is a brush you will always use and always have in your make up bag, this retails at €18.00 and you can shop it here https://www.powdernpout.com/products/the-powder-dome-p100.

The P310

p n p

Also known as the fluffy blender, this is MUST for your eye make up brush collection. Again the handle is slightly shorter than a regular brush making it easier to work with. The brush tip itself is shaped in a ‘v’ making blending easier. The defined ‘v’ shape on top also allows for defined eyes too! This is an absolute steal at just €8 and will last you years! Shop it here https://www.powdernpout.com/products/the-fluffy-blender-p310.

It’s safe to say I am Powder ‘n’ Pout converted since using these brushes. Their price point is excellent and so affordable. What’s best is you are supporting a great Irish brand which is top quality driven by passionate people!

Try one of their brushes, get a taster for them and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Happy shopping,

Sinead x





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