Get to know ME! 

Happy Monday everyone,

I am at home having a very lazy Monday. I have a hectic week ahead but while I have some time at home I wanted to write a little blog post which simply is ‘get to know me’.

If you are following me on Snapchat (@sineaddeblogger) you’ll know I don’t hold back and like to be as real and as down to earth as possible to my followers. Well at least I think I do! I also think it’s nice to get to know the ‘real’ person behind a blog so here we go! Firstly I’m 26, from Kilkenny and the eldest of four. I qualified as a general nurse nearly 3 years ago and currently live and work in Dublin.

My ‘real’ job!

I work full time (13 hour day and night shifts) as a nurse. I work on a short stay surgical ward so it’s hectic, with a massive turnover of patients. When I work nights it’s generally 5 in a row, so it can be crazy hard to blog during this time. It means trying to have content ready ahead of a week of nights to ensure you are posting regularly on social media!

I do however love my job, though the hours are hectic, nursing keeps you so grounded. It gives you an insight into reality, an insight to what people are going through on an daily basis as well as reminding you how lucky you and how short life can be.

People always ask me would I give up nursing to blog, and the answer is no. Part-time nursing yes, but there’s no better profession to keep you grounded and in touch with real life.

Why did I start blogging?

I begun my blog officially in October 2015. After a short illness and three months off work to re-cooperate, I finally took the plunge. Fashion and styling has something which has always been a real love of mine from a very really young age! As you can see from the snap below!😅

I always had the FEAR of starting a blog, I really dreaded what people would think and I really think this is crazy. Why should we hold back from doing something we are so passionate about? Unfortunately it took me being unwell to realise how vital your health is and how we really only have one shot at life – so we should really make the most of it! I’m nursing in a private hospital, nearly two years ago I made the switch to the private sector. I found public nursing just too overwhelming, services and staffing are beyond a joke. Fortunately having made the switch I’ve found a new passion for nursing.

 The Rose of Tralee

A couple of years ago I was the 2011 Kilkenny Rose of Tralee! Something else you may not have known about me! Honestly I think people have the wrong perception of the Rose of Tralee. I think how it’s portrayed on TV doesn’t help this either. I have met the most genuine and best friends from this festival (and my boyfriend at a rose & escort wedding!!) I was 20 when I was selected, and it was one of those life experiences which both grew my self-confidence and taught me a lot. As well as this I met more people and grew contacts. I’ve judged in numerous counties and 100 % encourage any young woman apply. I also judged Meath, and Elysha went on to win the Rose of Tralee that year!

My best friends are fellow roses I shared the experience with, and they are without doubt the most supportive, encouraging friends I could have.

Following the Rose of Tralee I begun working with Chernobyl Children International (the Kilkenny branch), this was voluntary but I begun to organise a yearly event for them. I went to the orphanages too which was so surreal.

Those of you from Kilkenny will know of the annual ‘Style of Kilkenny’, this was a fashion show we ran each year to raise funds for the charity. As well as organising these shows I begun to MC them, this was a massive boost to my confidence. Now I no longer fear talking on stage in front of huge crowds, I love it!

After learning and gaining experience about about event management I eventually had my own FIRST sell out workshop in May.

As well as blogging and working full time I’m in a relationship. My boyfriend (and my rock I might add), Eamonn (the man behind most of my Instagram pictures 😅😅) lives and is from Donegal. Some may wonder why I snap a lot in Donegal, well this is why! He also works shift work making both our schedules a little more crazy. So between all that it’s safe to say life is busy!


Shortly after I had begun my blog an opportunity arose to be a part a vlogging competition in conjunction with Oasis on TV 3’s Xposè. Here I was blessed to meet some bloggers from Dublin I grew a great friendship with, one in particular Linda Ryan (Carabelle Beauty) whom I still meet and chat to regularly. She is one of the most kindest most genuine people I know!

Though I didn’t go far in this compeition it was a great stepping stone and helped in the transition moving to Dublin.
The ‘Blogging’ world

Honestly, I initially found the world and industry of blogging completely overwhelming. When I begun going to blogger and PR events I was always so anxious to the point where I’d be a bag of nerves walking in to these events. I found them to be very clicky I met bloggers and fashion gurus I had aspired to online and found them to be completely different in person. This disappointed me a lot and I always told myself I would try and speak to as many people as I could at events and further introduce them to others.

A year and a half in I look forward now to events, obviously I know a lot more in the industry but I don’t let it pressurise me. I’m also a lot more confident in mingling and approaching people I may or may not know. That’s the side to blogging people don’t about.

On the other hand I have made the BEST pals from blogging. Met like minded people whom I know I’ll be friends with for years.

Having ‘off days’

Nowadays I think social media can cause as much harm as good. It has pros and cons. There are days when I am simply off form, I’ve had a hard day in work I’m overtired from night duty, I just don’t want to be online. I can’t help but feel there’s a pressure there to still be active as a blogger. I found this so stressful, again I felt that I was becoming overwhelmed and not enjoying blogging for what it’s worth I was constantly putting pressure on myself.

Honestly, people really don’t care if you have not been active for a day or two, you think people notice but they really don’t. We underestimate the value of switching off, putting your phone down and living in the moment.

For obvious reasons online we portray our ‘best moments’, but behind the camera I have had moments where I feel like absolute shit. I feel my blog is ‘going nowhere’ , I compare myself to others. That’s just what the reality is, things are never as they really seem, I think that’s an important aspect to remember when following online social media influencers and bloggers.

I think I have blabbered on enough on this, but it’s nice to share real life and given you an insight to my life and I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading it! 🙈

Sometimes people have messaged me to say they have seen me at event or seen me in a shop but don’t come over. Please please please feel free to come up and say hello if that is ever the case.

Meeting followers of mine is the best feeling and the greatest thing about having a blog!

Have a great week,

Sinéad x



2 thoughts on “Get to know ME! 

  1. Life of an Italian culchie says:

    Hi Sinead, I really enjoyed your post! I honestly think you are really down to earth! I met you for the first time when I participated in the Meath Rose of Tralee last year. I guess you will probably remember me as I was the final act and I was the one that was country jiving with my farmer boyfriend.
    Keeping on blogging! Love, Luna xx


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