My first facial at the Oasis Spa, Lyrath Estate!


Hi everyone!

So last week if you are following on Snapchat (@sineaddeblogger) you’ll know I popped into the stunning Lyrath Estate 5 star hotel in Kilkenny. Not only do they have stunning grounds and a beautiful refurbished house their spa is to die for! I was kindly asked in for a facial last week to the Oasis Spa who also recently won Leinster Spa of the year at the recent Tatler awards.

As you will see from some of the images below the spa also has a stunning thermal suite and hydrotherapy pool.  Most of the spa packages also include access to these. As I had 101 things on last week I didn’t make it into the thermal suite but definitely will the next time!


The Thermal Suite, at the Oasis Spa. Image taken from (

So straight to it my facial


The stunning check in area of the Oasis Spa



Treatment rooms, the Oasis Spa (Image from


First things first was my consultation which I was really impressed with. My therapist (Ann, who I could not recommended enough!) did a detailed consultation with me before beginning my facial. Here we addressed my skincare routine, products I use, my daily intake of water, diet and lifestyle. In hindsight this information is so important before beginning a facial. What’s the point doing a facial when it doesn’t address your problem area?

For me, my main concern is fine lines and tired looking skin. Now I know you may think that’s crazy at 26 I worry about fine lines but I notice them! This is probably down to my crazy lifestyle between nursing hours (day and night shifts), to blogging on the side and a hectic social life.

Here we opted for a ‘BIOTEC’ treatment, and trust me it’s not like any other facial! BIOTEC is a machine literally, it has many different components which work on your cellular energy on the face and neckline. There are seven different treatments based on your skin consultation, each treatment takes 60 minutes.

Based on my needs we opted for the ‘Line Eraser’ treatment. Which literally does what it says helps to erase fine line and long term can energize the skin and help in the aging process.

Within the BIOTEC line eraser and three main treatments done which helped to my glowing skin as you’ll see in the snap after.

  1. Oxygen therapy

This entailed little puffs off Oxygen on to the face using a tiny handle. Oxygen is one of those agents used in a facial as there are generally little or no side effects for people. Oxygen on the skin helps to encourage new growth and collagen. Collagen is vital for plump looking skin.

2. Light Therapy

This was something I was completely new to too! This really intrigued me. This entailed a blue and red light therapy session. At a time either the red light or blue light will be shone on skin. The red light helps with circulation and blue with healing!

3. Microcurrent Therapy

This was my favourite part of the treatment. I was so impressed with this part of the treatment. This the use of micro-currents in slowing down and reducing the aging process. I was a little apprehensive about this and was sure I would feel something, but I didn’t feel a thing, it’s completely painless!

Ann worked all along my jawline here too, it helps to get the muscles moving and active again in the face. I actually felt like I had been smiling for hours after this, but the microcurrent had done all the work for me.

After that facial, I feel the Oasis Spa are so ahead as regards treatments and what they have to offer to all ages and types of skin. As well as this all you receive within one treatment.


(My skin after my BIOTEC line eraser facial!)

I was really impressed with what was covered in such a short space of time. This facial costs €85 midweek or €95 at weekends. It is also recommended that you do a course of 6 for optimum results. They Lyrath is a perfect treat for you, or your pals to visit. They have a gorgeous afternoon tea menus and the rooms look stunning.

I’ll be filling you in after my next trip there!


Sinead x




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