My night duty skincare essentials!

Happy Sunday all!
I’m on my 6th and final night shift (thank god!), so I thought now was best time to share my skin essentials for night duty! I’m sure you all know at this stage I’m a full time nurse, which entails day & night shifts. Once a month I work a stint of nights which not only plays havoc on my body clock but also my skin! Along the way I have picked up a few products which help to keep my skin looking healthy and help to hide those dark under eye circles!

  1. Re-hydration Masks.

Re-hydration masks literally are CRITICAL while on nights! My skin looks the dullest on nights and it’s because I’m in a constant dry air. As well as this skin rejuvenates itself while you sleep. Due to a reversal in our body clock for nights our doesn’t get a chance to do so. To help combat this I recommend either of these face masks.

Biofresh Hydromask.


This is a gorgeous re-hydration mask which retails at €38 from It does what it says and gives extensive hydration to the skin. When my skin is exceptionally dehydrated I leave this on prior to make up application so my make up is smoother looking. It also replaces that dewy healthy glow we all long for! You can shop this here:

Declare Hydro intensive mask.


This another fabulous re-hydration mask! Again this makes for gorgeous make up prep so that make is applied flawlessly. Declare is a gorgeous brand of skin care in particular for those who have sensitive skin. I use both these products as I love them equally! This is €29.95 on you can shop it here:

2. Mineral Makeup

I am now a converted mineral make up lover! Ever since making the switch to mineral make up my skin has thanked me. Working nights is hard on your skin, let alone applying heavy duty products make up. Mineral make up means you put kinder products on your skin, It will ease the results lack of sleep causes on the skin. I like to wear make up to work , in particular when I’m on nights as I look super pale and tired!

As brand ambassador I am proud to stand over the gorgeous mineral liquid powder foundation from Blush Make up Ireland. I wear the shade ‘toasted almond’ it is long lasting (which means no top ups needed during 13 hour shifts), it has an SPF and is paraben and talc free. It also contains Vitamin A, C & E.


What more could you want! Blush mineral liquid powder foundation retails at €28 and is available here:

3. Thermal Water Sprays


These are a fab little number for your handbag while on nights! I love the Eau thermal water from Uriage. They come in small sizes too making them easy to throw into your bag. These are a gorgeous pick me up for your skin. They can replace hydration but also help to wake you up slightly (which is sometimes needed at 4am on a night shift!). The spray is refreshing and cooling on the skin. It contains a high concentration of mineral salts which offers moisturizing benefits to skin and is also ideal after travelling on planes. The 150ml bottle is €9.50 and you can shop it here:

4. Under eye concealers

Okay let’s be honest this is a NECESSITY for night duty, even after finishing a week of nights, this is needed. There are no hiding those dark circles!


I am as obsessed with this product as I am the price! The Catrice liquid camouflage concealer which costs €3.95, like seriously?! I have seen them in both Penneys and on This concealers brightens the under eye area, covers dark circles and at the same time is light weight on the skin so it doesn’t sink in to fine lines. Here is on I wear shade ‘ 02 – light beige’.

5. Alphah Hand & cuticle cream


This hand cream is always in my pocket be it on day or night shifts. As nurses our hands are exposed to the harshest products, the main one being the dreaded alcohol gel. It’s not often you find a intensive hand cream which works on both your hands and cuticles. This cream is gorgeous to keep skin soft and subtle. I find alcohol makes my cuticles dry and therefore is prone to becoming sore and red. This works a treat to keep them smooth. The cream absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave that oily feeling. This brand is an Australian brand which means it helps against anti-aging and skin damage. This is hard to come by but I’ve found it on for €27. Here is the link:

6. Clarin’s Instant Eye Reviver


I’ve been using the Clarin’s ‘multi active eye reviver’ prior to make up application and also to help soften lines around my eye area. In particular during or after nights. Critical to reducing soft lines is drinking lots of water, however this product is defiantly an added help and visually you will see a difference. This product contains illuminating pigments which also helps to brighten this area! It has a handy little applicator which allows for precise application of the product. It retails at €42 and you is on Clarin’s shelves.

7. Clarin’s Beauty flash balm


Sticking with the Clarins skincare range for my last product love for nights.  The infamous beauty flash balm. This literally is one of the best products I have EVER used. It instantly brightens skin giving a glow and makes for a gorgeous make up primer. It is especially created for tired and dull looking skin – exactly what night duty does to you! It contains Olive & Witch Hazel, ingredients which help smoothen out skin. This is a night duty ESSENTIAL! This product retails at  €38 and is available online from Boots:

So there you have it, some products that make night duty just a tad bit easier.

Happy shopping!

Sinéad x






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