The statement collar bib!

Happy Sunday!

Last week I was kindly sent this gorgeous statement collar bib from an online company based in Belfast! The company is called ‘Buttons & Dotes”. They stock collar bibs and shoe clips with an array of collars and designs to choose from.


The collar bib is an ideal way to dress up a look or to change a look each time you wear it. I’ve worn it twice this week with a different look each time! For instance this coral top, it’s gorgeous but I’ve worn it loads, to change the look I added the collar bib underneath it!


If you have some plain tops at home, add this collar bib to jazz it up!

Today I added it to a frilled black top, under a red blazer. The collar adds a chic finish to your look



The detail in this collar is fab! It’s got an array of jewels, which include pearls it really is so eye catching!

Snapchat-2013366638 (1)

It has buttons to give the illusion that its a shirt underneath what you are wearing! The collar bib itself has two strap to ensure it will sit tight on you. It’s a fab little accessory for your wardrobe especially this Autumn/Winter to help brighten some dark colours you may be prone to wearing this time of the year!

Buttons & Dote can be found online here: I’m wearing the ‘Orla collar’ , which you can find here:

Thanks again to the guys for sending me this.

Happy shopping,

Sinéad x



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