Kinvara 24 hour rosehip face serum.


Happy Sunday!

If you’re following me on Snapchat you’ll know I picked up this Kinvara 24 hour rosehip face serum last week in Avoca. I had heard a LOT about the Kinvara skincare range, even better it’s an Irish brand, Irish owned and made here in Ireland.  The company is based in Kinvara itself and prides itself by using plants and vitamins within it’s products to offer you the best results!


I’ve chosen it as this week’s product of the week for a number of reasons. I’ll fill you in on the “3 P’s”; price, packaging and the actual product itself.

I had been meaning to pick up a serum to wear during the day something which would penetrate into my skin without leaving a greasy feeling. I’m prone to dry skin and it doesn’t help that I work in a hospital, the dry air can play havoc on my skin leaving it dull and de-hydrated looking!

The Product.

So let’s get to the nitty gritty. The product, what is it? The serum itself contains rosehip, this ingredient contains fatty acids, these are omegas which offer re-hydration to the skin and are known to help in the anti-aging process. It also contains anti-oxidants too which can help with healing and reduce scaring. Some of the other impressive ingredients are vitamin E, evening primrose oil, carrot & rosemary to name but a few!


As well as this it contains “seabuckthorn”. After researching this I learnt it’s derived from a plant, called “seabuckthorn”. It’s components are known to combat eczema, inflammation and rosacea!

The product contains 30mls of the serum. What’s great about this is it’s consistency. You literally need a pee sized amount and it spreads evenly and sparingly on to the face. I bought this just last week and have been using it each morning before applying my SPF. It gives a gorgeous dewy glow to the skin, especially if you decide to leave your make up off. Last week for example I applied some at 6am before heading to work, by half 4 that evening my skin still had a dewy glow!

People have also remarked on how nice my make up looked this week too. I firmly believe when your skin is good your make up is even better! Working as a nurse, 13 hour shifts are a great way to trial and test a product, and it’s given me a good chance to review this product. I’m genuinely amazed and so impressed by it!

To top this all off Kinvara is not tested on animals and  is vegan friendly.

The Packaging.

I love the packaging and size of this product. As I’m always on the road it is ideal for travelling. It will also come with me when I go abroad. The packaging ensures easily application and gives you just the right amount with one pump.

The Price.

As skincare goes I think this is a brilliant price for it’s quality and longevity. It retails at €32.95 online, I bought it in Avoca and it was also in or around the €32 mark. You can find it online here:

I’ve added this product to me everyday skin routine and will definitely be buying from the range again!


Let me know your thoughts if you have used any of their other products!


Happy shopping,

Sinéad x


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I bought this product myself.



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