Happy Sunday gals!

So I’m sure some of you know I begun a journey of laser hair removal with Therapie Clinic a few months ago. I’ve been attending the clinic in The Square shopping centre, Tallaght.


Hair removal has always been a nightmare for me, mainly because I am so dark! I mentioned before on recent blog posts that I had tried EVERY form of hair removal, none of which worked or were short lived. Each time I waxed I was left with ingrown hairs or a red area which was sore and sensitive. I also find waxing one of the most painful things in the world!!! Shaving just isn’t an option for me either because the hair growth literally begins again within 24 hours. In particular whenever I shaved under arms I always managed to cut myself, especially if I shaved a couple of times in a week.

On top of all this it’s the hygienic side of things. I just don’t know why we are built to have hair in areas where we produce the most sweat!! Honestly it just freaks me out! So at the start of their year I made the decision to get a consultation with Therapie for laser hair removal in collaboration with my blog.


The biggest thing for me was the absolute mortification of getting my bits out! I should have said already I am having laser hair removal on my under arms and bikini areas. I’m a nurse, so nothing phases me; but being on the other side is a different story. This has since changed however, I’ve gotten to know all the girls in the clinic from going in and out (who are all fab by the way!).  I cannot credit the staff enough for making you feel at ease. I no longer have “the fear” each time I go in! As well as this you can ask 101 questions about your treatment and they will give you plenty of time to go through and explain everything.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is basically removing hair using laser lights aimed directly at the root hair (follicle). The machines used within Therapie Clinic are “medical grade” laser meaning results are faster and more efficient.


People always ask me if you can shave within session, and yes you can! The great thing about laser hair removal is that you can do your regular hair removal in between sessions, it won’t effect your treatment. Before you have each session of laser hair removal all you need to do is shave the area to be treated (to ensure laser beams hit right at the root) and to ensure there is no tan or products on that area. It’s so easy!

How long does it take?

As I’m having both bikini and underarms done,  the session takes about 20 minutes. It’s one session each 6 weeks. So fast! The reason laser hair removal is done every 6 weeks is to do with hair re-growth from the root, it takes approximately 6 weeks for full hair re-growth.


Does it hurt?

In comparison to waxing, no!


Now that I am 6 sessions in to my laser hair removal I have seen even BETTER results. I can tell you after 6 sessions I no longer need to shave underarms for TWO weeks. The hair just doesn’t grow! Any re-growth is soft hair which means I don’t cut while I shave. This is the same for the bikini line, which is naturally coarser hair. The re-growth is soft light hair making it way more manageable. Bikini line hair has more or less gone now too , re-growth is nearly up to 3 weeks! I will be 100 times more confident wearing a bikini!


Laser hair removal at Therapie Clinic has given me such a confidence boost and literally changed my life! Hair removal was always the bane of my life and so painful. Last summer I had just started my journey I had some results but by the time holidays come next year I’ll have achieved the optimum results and that literally is no hair growth! I am so happy with the results so far I’m going to look at getting laser hair removal on my legs too, anything for an easier life! 😉

At least six sessions of laser hair removal is recommended for optimum results. Depending on what area or areas you wish to have treated depends on the price, which will be covered within your free consultation! Why not pop in to Therapie Clinic and treat yourself to that change this Christmas. Find out more via their website here:

Sinéad x




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