The Environ skincare starter pack!

Happy Wednesday!

Some of you may or may not be familiar with the fact that I have drastically changed my skin routine in latter weeks. In fact just over 6 weeks ago. I had heard a lot about this whole “Environ” range of skincare which seemed to be all over beauty blogs in recent years. I had also heard a lot about it via the Skin Nerd.

The gorgeous people in Rustiq Beauty Kilkenny kindly asked me in for a high tech facial and gifted me with my first starter pack back in November!

First things first is I am obsessed with skincare. I believe when your skin is good your make up is even better! I was blown away but how “salon professional” this kit is. This brand is recognised by it’s huge focus on Vitamin A as a key ingredient in skin both skin protection and rejuvenation.

To give you a little background info about the brand it was first produced by Dr. Des Fernandes said to be one of the world’s top plastic surgeons! He began introducing large amounts of Vitamin A into skincare and found it helped to combat harmful environmental effects on the skin (including sun & UV damage) as well improving fine lines and skin elasticity and even in the long term prevention of skin cancer. Environ prides itself on being a results driven range of skincare.

The Starter Pack

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As mentioned I was gifted the Environ starter pack after a consultation and facial with Jennie based in Rustiq beauty salon, Kilkenny. Jennie and the beauty salon owner Ilona whom I’ve met on several occasions  are both so passionate about this brand, something which is really promising when being introduced to a new range of products. So let me introduce you to each product within the starter pack.


AVST Vit A 1 Moisturiser.

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I was really intrigued by this product. So this is the ‘main’ if you like product of the routine and predominantly is Vitamin A . This product helps to promote a natural glow by enhancing skin moisture, strengthening and firming skin and supports the skin’s immune system to reduce breakouts.  After 6 weeks my skin feels so FIIRM! When I say firm I don’t mean uncomfortable but tight and lifted, if that even makes sense?! I did find it took some time for my skin to adjust to this new addition and that is something which can happen. I did have minor breakouts as skin adjusted all of which has since subsided.

RAD Day cream (SPF 15).

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I learnt loads during my facial and consultation with Jennie, she has so much knowledge and love for this brand of skincare! I thought I was doing a great job with a daily SPF of 50 on my face. However I learnt that an SPF of 50 is a hard level of SPF to reach. In order to try and achieve such a level of SPF the creams are pumped with a lot of harsh chemicals, which can actually do more damage to the skin then good. Within this particular day cream the VIT A AVST cream used alongside the RAD is said to have as much natural SPF to help reach an optimum skin protection. Crazy eh?!

Vita Peptide Eye Gel

Image result for environ vita peptide eye gel

Now I mean I’m SERIOSULY impressed by this product within this range. I could really see results after a few weeks after using this product. Wrinkles and lines aren’t a huge problem for me just yet however I do find the eye area is prone to fine lines especially working a lot of shift work. This gel is amazing! This product contains ‘tocopheryl acetate’ which is also a natural sun protector. This has definitely given a ‘plumping’ effect to help soften those lines!

Peptide cream (Advance DFP 312)


For night-time I apply the peptide cream. This is known as the Advance DFP 312 as it contains 3 peptides. According to this brand of skincare, peptides are recognised as one of the most powerful anti-aging skin agents. For night-time I apply this cream followed again by the Vitamin A AVST. Again these peptides focus on skin suppleness, firmer looking skin and improving skin in a long term capacity . This cream is powerful, it is used when skin re-juvenates itself.

Hydration oil capsules


I also when to tell you about the mini re-hydration capsules you get within this pack.  These capsules are small but powerful. Such a nice treat to apply after a night shift when getting into bed to add a dewy glow to your skin. Also you could apply these before your make up if your skin is a little drier or dull looking.

To say I am really impressed with this range is an understatement, considering it’s only been 6 weeks since I have changed so I look forward to seeing what the coming months bring. My skin is firmer and all round brighter looking, with softer lines around the delicate eye area.

I cannot recommend the girls in Rustiq Beauty Salon Kilkenny enough. Why not pop in for a free 30 minute consultation! Follow them on Facebook @rustiqbeautykilkenny for more.

The starter pack retails at €110 which is great value considering the number of products you get.

Remember, skincare is an investment!

Sinéad x

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