Iconic Bronze Dark Lotion

Happy Tuesday gals!

It’s been a while since I shared my product of the week so here goes. Over Christmas I’ve had a chance to try one of the newest tans to Irish shop shelves. This is Iconic Bronze, within the range I’ve been using the dark lotion.

The product

Generally I’m not one for lotions as I find them messy and too hard to use. However I was proven wrong with this product. The Iconic Bronze dark lotion is exceptionally thick meaning application is easier.

As well as this it’s quick drying after 10minutes, you’ll be able to get dressed and go about you business.

The tan itself gives the most gorgeous olive glow. I have used this just a few hours before going out. After about 4 hours you’ll see a dewy glow, the longer you leave it the darker it becomes. Personally I prefer a darker tan so I leave this on overnight and shower the next day. Best thing about this tan is that it is odour free!

One thing I also am weary of when it comes to tan is how it fades, once you continue to moisturise after showering this tans wears really well.

The packaging

Packagaing is deceiving for this product,  the bottle is a 200ml bottle however because the tan is so thick, it will last you longer than you realise because you don’t need as much per application. The tan is a pump system, be sure to twist after finishing to lock it, and pop into your bag then for travelling. 200mls is sure to last over 5 weeks that is with one to two applications a week.

The price.

Price point for this tan is literally amazing, this bottle retails at just €12 on Meaghers.ie or you can also pick up a bottle in Penneys! An absolute steal!

Happy tanning,

Sinéad x

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