The January Wardrobe Detox

Happy Tuesday!

Now that we are into January and so many people are either staying in or broke after Christmas there’s no better oppurtunity to do that good warbrode clear out you’ve been putting aside all year.

I myself have DREADED the idea of this for ages. There’s a number of reasons for this, the big one being the space I have available to me. Renting in Dublin means space is confined and limited, I rent a room so I don’t have any other extra space for storage in my house. So because of this my wardrobe (and under my bed) caters for everything.

Last week I decided to do a major clear out for once and for all. I won’t lie, half way through it was sorry I had started anything, however seeing the end result and kowing where exactly thing is worth really it!


The January wardrobe detox needs a lot of tough love. Ask yourself the question, do you or will you ACTUALLY where these clothes? Honestly I pulled out clothes from wardrobe I hadn’t wore for four or five months, and some for nearly two years! At this rate knew I wouldn’t ever wear these. I am a hoarder, so it makes it harder to get rid of things. If you have’t worn an item of clothing for that length of time then let’s be honest, the chances are you are probably never going to where them. So just be ruthless and get rid!


I don’t know about anyone else but I have a million scarves in my wardrobe! I for one always seem to buy scarves when I am away, why?! Keep a few scarves, either colured or plain to jazz up a look. Honestly though, noone needs 15 scarves in their wardrobe at any given time! GET RID!

Winter / Summer wardrobe.

A great thing to do when doing the January wardrobe detox is to ensure you have hidden away those summer pieces. Pile all your summer bits, including bikinis shorts summer dresses AWAY. Divide your wardrobe per season. Out of sight, out of mind. Hence when you take them out for the summer months, they feel a bit like new again. Sometimes you’ll forget what you have so it’s a nice surprise when you open up the ‘summer’ wardrobe.

As well as this, simply storing these bits away creates more space. More space gives you a chance to actually see what you have in your wardrobe. It means you are less inclined to buy more pieces. I’ve picked up flat clear boxes from Ikea in the past similar to these: These are handy and pretty compact, the fact their flat too means for easier storage under the bed!


January is a hard one when it comes to splitting your wardrobe. The weather is still pretty cold and miserable. It’s not really time to put away those winter wollies or the cosy knitwear. However it is a GREAT time to store away any sequins and sparkle’s. All those sequin dresses tops and bags, hide them away till next Christmas. Again we are feeding into the idea of taking out clothes next year and because you no longer see them they feel like new again!

I don’t believe it’s time to get that summer wardrobe out, at all! But introduce some neutral pieces, something a little brighter then blacks and browns. It’s nice to get the light colours out in the New Year brighter colour clothes will help lift your mood too without even realising it!

Clothes , where do they go?

Post my January wardrobe detox I had 3 bin bags of clothes. Clothes I have worn once or clothes I just don’t wear. If you are getting rid of clothes why not speak to your pals, look at a clothes swap see would they wear some, in return for their clothes?

There is the option of Depop to sell unwanted clothes (that are in good condition of course). This is a free app where you can arrange to meet people to sell clothes or post them. It uses Paypal as a method of payment. If you STILL have clothes (which I did) then go to your nearest charity shop, who would be more than happy to take them and help raise a few bob for those who need it.

Half the battle with me is constantly feeling like I have nothing to wear. This is ridiculous and after my wardrobe detox I realised it was actually because my wardrobe was a mess and couldn’t see what I had!

Staples peices.

Remember to keep your staple pieces, these are your investment pieces.


For me winter staple pieces include a couple of good pairs of jeans. Jeans will never date and will last you years when you get a good quality pair.

A black coat

Sounds boring but a ‘good’ black coat is one that will never date. You’ll take it out of your wardrobe year after year.

Faux Fur & leather

Hate it our love it faux fur seems to make a come back every year as does leather. Invest in a good leather jacket or faux fur piece and I promise you’ll be taking it out again next year!

Over the knee boots

Be it a high heel ot flats, over the knee boots are something else which you will also see year after year. Again investing in a good pair will ensure lots of wear and may even last you a couple of years.

So there you have it! I really hope this helps. The hardest part is getting started but once you give that wardrobe it’s detox it needs you will literally feel a million times better and a lot more organised!

Happy January gals,


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