Product of the week

Happy Wednesday!

Last weekend you may have caught me chatting about some hair products. Hair care products is something which I don’t touch enough of on my blog, and I plan on trying a lot more in the coming months.

Back in November I was introduced to the brand Alfaparf Milano thanks to Denise Walsh owner of Rustiq salons. Denise had nothing but praise for this product so I couldn’t wait to try them! Denise introduced me to their reparative shampoo and mask. At the time I had just got a fresh cut so I wanted to give them a try. I have been using this brand of shampoo and conditioner now since November.


Reparative shampoo


The first thing I noticed about this product was the amount I used when washing my hair.  Less than half the amount I was using with regular shampoos was required to get a ‘lather’ in my hair. Therefore I was saving on the product and the amount I used. In fact I have been using their shampoo since November and it only ran out last week! I wash my hair one to two times a week. The next thing about this range I love is that it can be used if you have hair extensions, I had great length extensions in my hair at this time.  The bonds I had for great length hair extensions are so fine that it didn’t damage them, so when it came to having them removed hair wasn’t matted and they bonds were still in place! I’ve noticed over the course of 4 months using these products my hair strength and growth also improved greatly.

Reparative mask


While this product says mask, I have in fact used it as a conditioner, just a small amount is needed on the end of your hair to leave it feeling supple, soft and easier to brush. Leave this in for 2-3 minutes in the shower and the results afterwards speak for themselves.

Denise’s knowledge about hair care and product use is even more evident after introducing me to these gorgeous products. There is value for money to be gained here as you pay approx. €6 for a bottle of shampoo in stores which may last you just a few weeks, however due to the consistency within this range you’ll not require as much product as you use them. So you will in fact save money! The shampoo retails at €13 and the mask retails at €15

Thanks to a recent chop in Rustiq and using these products the results and shine on my hair speaks for themselves!


Happy hair days!

Sinéad x






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