Let the sun shine with P20!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all got through this Wednesday okay, isin’t it a struggle getting back to normality, routine and work after the festivties?! As you may have seen I was lucky enough to spend this Christmas in gorgeous Miami. As a nurse it’s very rare to get work off especially this time of the year so I was delighted to get away and celebrate Christmas abroad! Miami was really warm with LOTS of sun. It ranged from 23 to 25 degress during my week there. You may have seen through sunnier times at home and in Toronto last summer I had used the suncream brand P20 and loved it!

There are a number of reasons as to why I love this brand of suncream, firstly application. It is spray format making it easier to cover larger parts of your body quicker. Next is the water resistance, once you have applied and allowed the cream to dry it’s really water -resistant! You can see this after swimming, and how the water glides off your skin. However to be on the safe-side I would always reccomend topping up after a swim.

Next the cream feels exceptionally light weight on the skin, do you find some cream give a heavy, greasy feeling? This does the opposite and dries really fast! Lastly and most importantly this brand of suncream is a strong protection against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are dangerous to the skin and penetrate into the deeper layer. They can contribute to both aging, wrinkles and skin damage. UVB cause damage to the outer layer of skin like burns hence the crucial need to protect skin from both!

As always it is advised to stay out of the sun during the hours 12 – 3pm. While I was away I used factor 50 on my face and factor 30 all over my body. However there is an array of SPF protection to choose from, from 15 up to 50+. You can purchase P20 from leading pharmacies nationwide. Don’t forget the winter sun is as dangerous as the summer sun!

Until the next time!

Sinead x

*This is a paid collaboration with P20 Ireland*.

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