Donegal’s hidden treasures!

Happy Monday!

I’m sure you regularly see me snapping from beautiful Donegal! I get asked a lot about these places and where exactly to go.

My boyfriend is from South west donegal a stunning area known as Kilcar, it is home to some of the most spectucular views I have ever seen!

If you do happen to make a trip to Donegal be sure to take a visit to Kilcar and the beautiful surrounding towns of Carrick, Killybegs and Glencolmcille. Here are my top 5 must sees which lie within a 20 minute drive of each other.

Muckross Head

Muckross Head lies approximately 5 km from the village of Kilcar. A very popular walk for the locals it boasts uninterupted views of Donegal Bay. Here you can walk along the cliff edge and view a World War 2 ‘Eire’ sign or when the tide is a safe distance out you can actually walk under the cliffs along the shore and view them from below. On a clear day you have beautiful views of Benbulben Mountain in Co. Sligo.

There are two beautiful beaches in area surrounding Muckross Head. Trá na nGlór which is very popular with surfers due to the large swells, not too safe for swimming due to rip tides and Trá Bán which is ideal for bathing and has two ramps for ease of access. Muckross Head can be accessed via the coast road between Killybegs and Kilcar and is a must see on your visit.

Silver Strand

The Silver Strand beach is a remote beach based in Glencomcille. But before you decide to visit be aware that there are over 150 steps to get here. Easy getting down but tiring getting back up. However once here it is well worth it. Ideal for swimming and sun bathing in summer, naturally colder in the winter but gorgeous for a stroll with family or friends.

Secret Cave

This gem has only become a popular tourist and local attraction in the last two years. Located below a very popular viewing point between Kilcar and Killybegs, an area known as Largy. Here you can park at the viewing point and take a short walk down to a laneway which brings you down to a beach and a small plot of land known as the Ring of Largy. Here after taking in the views you go to the right and walk along the shore for approximately 300 – 400 meters. You will know the cave in nearby as the sound of the waterfall gets louder as you approach.

Take some time to have a moment here and enjoy the views. As it is still a very much hidden treasure you will more than likely have the place to yourself. As with Muckross Head you need the tide to be well out to visit this area. Please respect the private property of the locals who own the land around the viewing point.


The Pod

The Pod is a little coffee trailer located at one of the most scenic stops on the Killybegs to Kilcar road. Owner Nuala has some of the nicest coffee and treats that I’ve tasted and it can all be enjoyed while taking in incredible views of Donegal Bay.

Slieve League Cliffs.

Last but not least! If you thought the Cliffs of Moher were fab, you’re in for a treat when you a pay a visit to Sliabh Liag. These cliffs stand at 601 metres tall (that’s neatly twice the size of the Eiffel Tower), and have some of the most beautiful views in the country.

Here you have the option to drive your car and park at Bunglas and just simply sit and take in the views of the cliffs and the giants table and chair. If you are feeling more adventurous put on your hiking boots and continue on to the top where the views just cannot be matched anywhere else in Ireland. Please note that this hike takes approximately an hour and a half.

Have you been to any of these beautiful places?

Happy travels,

Sinead x

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