Natural scents with Jo Browne!

Happy Thursday girls!

Just getting back on track with some blog posts as I have been off work sick this week! You may have caught my Instagram post last Sunday where I gave you just a little taster of the gorgeous Jo Browne products, in particular her perfume range.

I had initially known Jo just via Instagram and since have been delighted to have her at my workshops. So what exactly are these perfumes and why are they so special? Firstly it’s important to remember the skin is our largest organ, it requires protection as it’s susceptible to absorbing everything that is applied! The ingredients used in these perfumes are completely natural. They do NOT contain any of the following:

– Phenoxyethanol
– Parabens
– Petrochemicalsc
– SLS (sodium laurel sulfate)
– Artifical colours
– Lanolin
– GMO ingredients

In contrast theses solid perfumes are actually GOOD for your skin, containing essentials like vitamin E & Jojoba oil.

How to apply?

It’s actually so easy, as these are made from organic bees wax it’s easier to apply on the skin. Simply rub it on the skin. I apply to my wrists and across my neck.

Why these?

Think of it this way, you know that awkward moment when you are about to head through security at the airport and you realize you have liquid perfumes, you need to store them away or if you are unfortunate enough to have a bottle bigger than 100mls you simply won’t be allowed to bring them on board. Well you won’t need to worry about any of this with these solid perfumes. As well as this they are neat and fit handy in to small clutches, in particular if you are on a night out!

Tell us more!

The packaging that Jo Browne products are eco-friendly! No plastics, all of which is a huge help to the environment. To top of all of the above, I just love the fact that these are IRISH and handmade. In fact each product can take up to 6 months to be created, now if that’s not something special. Each perfume retails at just €24!

So have you tried any of the Jo Browne products? I’d love to hear your thoughts! For more info or to buy he products, check out the website:

Happy shopping!

Sinéad x

*This is a paid partnership with Jo Browne*

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