The Herclutter box!

Happy Thursday,

A few weeks ago I was sent one of the herclutter boxes. I had never  used anything like this is in the past but had seen a lot about them online so I was eager to see just what they were like.


For me living in Dublin has it’s perks however room rental and space is tight and can be a problem. As regards makeup I have one draw in my room which caters for EVERYTHING. From my tanning products to eye shadow palettes to one massive basket of makeup products. It’s literally organised chaos. Having received the her clutter box, the first thing I couldn’t believe was the quality and how sturdy it was. It’s actually heavy to lift too!

I slowly began to empty my basket of makeup products and was surprised at both what I found and what I knew I didn’t or wouldn’t use again. It definitely was an incentive to see what I really needed. Then as I started to fill the herclutter box I was amazed to see the array of lipsticks I had, as well as this by stacking them in their ideal pouches I could pick a shade easier then trying to dig them out of a basket!


To the next section, similar to the lipsticks I began to stick my blushers and contours products in to the next section, literally not believing both how much product I had and how accessible it was!

The rotating option

What’s great about this particular storage unit is that it rotates! So will you fill one side of your clutter box as you turn the herclutter box around you have the exact amount of space on the other side! As you can see here each drawer has a purpose, to top it off there are two pockets on each side, ideal for either lip liners/lip glosses or thinner foundation products.

The herclutter box is a really clever idea but yet great quality. As the box is clear you can see exactly what is where. For me personally and my busy schedule (always on the road and always packing bags for nights away) this is ideal to quickly grab what I need from my organised stand!


This particular herclutter box (known as their spinning powder tower) retails at €99 but they have multiple online to choose from. This has defiantly made a huge difference to the space in my room as well as helping me become a lot more organised with my make up and products!

Happy shopping,

Sinéad x

*Disclaimer* I was sent this product, all views and opinions are my own.



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