Bellamianta Tanning – The Review

Happy tanning Thursday all!

I thought it suitable to write a blog post on this product which I recently received. Having seen and heard so much about it over the last few months I was dying to try Bellamianta tan.  I opted for the mousse in this range, however if you prefer it, it’s also available in a lotion.


I received the Bellamianta Rapid Mousse. Mousse in general for me is my go to for tan. This product comes in a generous 150 ml size bottle.  The product itself I found to be unusually thick meaning I didn’t need too much just a small amount went liberally on the skin.  As it is a little thicker than normal I found it quiet easy to work with and allowed for an even coverage. I also was sent their tanning mit which is very thick and good quality, ensuring no streaks or lines are left on the index finger or thumb during application.

The Product

The tan I found to be quick drying and developed over a two hour period. On application it is immediate so you know exactly where you are applying. I opted to leave this tan on overnight as I love a rich olive like tan, and this is what I achieved.  I also noticed there was NO smell which a lot of fake tans have. This really impressed me! I have used a lot of tans but non which are ever odour free.

I used this tan before I went away to Barcelona for a weekend, having showered everyday I noticed it lasted really well and didn’t come away in patches. Having said that regular moisturising is important when wearing fake tan.

The important stuff

Having read a little more about this product I learnt about some of their key ingredients, they include Vitamin E & Sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn, something I had never heard of is a herb and can be used in anti-aging, dry skin and eczema!


Like any tan it is important to exfoliate before hand in order for skin to be in good condition. I usually moisturise before tan application too.

I have to conclude that this is my favourite fake tan so far to have tried! For people who are not so confident in tanning I recommend trying this due to the product’s consistency. You will find it easy to work with hence a better result!

I will definitely be purchasing this from here on out. It’s my new go to tan!

You can purchase the tan online here (€24.95) from : If you fancy their mit (€9.95):

I don’t think you will be disappointed in this product. Happy tanning Thursday!

Sinéad x




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