The hydrafacial at Beacon Face & Dermatology Clinic!

Happy Wednesday!

So as some of you may know I was kindly invited into the Beacon Face and Dermatology Clinic in Sandyford a couple of weeks back for a hydrafacial.

I had seen and heard lots online about this particular facial online, in particular from Suzanne Jackson and Aoibhe Devlin,  so needless to say I was so excited to see what all the fuss was about!

For me and my line of work (full time nurse), I am all for healthy, dewy, glowing skin. I work a lot of nights and work within an environment which has dry air so my skin is prone to looking dull and lifeless.

Upon walking into the clinic I was met with a really friendly smile Ciara who looked after me and did my facial. The clinic itself is stunning, from the interior, to the coffee to the warmest welcome on arrival, it just added to whole the experience!

Ciara took the time initially to explain in great lengths all about the hydrafacial, what it entails and what I needed to know prior to commencing. What impressed me was the detailed holistic assessment which you must complete upon arrival to the clinic. This not only reviews your skin but your general health and well-being before starting into the facial.

Skin Analysis

The first thing we did blew my mind, we did a very detailed skin analysis which covered every aspect of my skin, from my skin texture to any open pores I had, to skin damage I had obtained from the sun.

As you’ll know from my Snapchat (@sineaddeblogger) I shared this image of my skin which many of you couldn’t believe! It actually thought I was pretty good to look after my face when holidaying, in particular covering my face and using a factor 50. Turns out SPF is as vital here in Ireland as it is when holidaying abroad.

Ciara had a incredible about of knowledge and literally told me so much, I could have sat there all day listening to her skin care advice and asked so many questions through the process of the skin analysis.

Concluding the analysis alone I realised that SPF should be worn all year round and the detailed skin analysis through the hydrafacial was a an eye opener I really needed. Ciara also recommended an 50 SPF daily face cream which I purchased on the day for €39. The brand is ‘skin cetuticals’ and also makes for a gorgeous make up primer!

Next we entered the main treatment room for hydrafacial. Again Ciara took time out to explain in great length and detail about what we would cover. In particular she focused on hydration which was really what my skin needed, especially when working in a hospital environment.

I could not believe how much was covered in one facial. Here are the 6 steps the Hydrafacial entails.

The Hydrafacial

1. Detox.
We began the facial with an intense detox which helped to both remove any nasties in the body. It encourages circulation which in turn creates a fresh blood supply and newer nutrients to the skin and encourages oxygen supply.

2. Cleanse & exfoliate.

This does what it says on the tin, it helps to remove dead skin cells and this process includes the use of ‘Glucosomine’ a vital ingredient which helps to give dewy skin!

3. Brightening agent.

In prep for the skin extraction phrase, a Glycolic is applied to the skin which loosen black heads making extraction a little easier on the skin, hence skin isn’t left looking red and sore after extraction.

4. Extraction.

Removal of those dirties and black heads which we all loathe!

5. Hydration

Post a deep cleanse and extraction, skin is re-hydrated with Hyaluronic Acid, which is full of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are ‘good cells’ in help prevent and damage to the body, and therefore is vital in protecting the skin.

6. Rejuvenation.

The last section involves LED therapy. I have spoke about this in previous blog posts, RED led light therapy encourages the production of Vitamin D (in a safe manner without the UV damage). It also helps with skin plumpness.

Below is a snap of my skin after my facial. I have never seen it look so clear and fresh in all the facials I have had done.

The most impressive part of this whole facial was the LASTING results. The optimum and most radiant my skin looked for me was in fact from DAY 3 post facial to Day 6. This facial costs €150 and is ideal for anyone with a big day coming up (to prep your skin), whether you are a bride to be, or you just want to treat yourself ! This facial is worth every cent.

For more information and bookings follow the link or find them on Facebook @Beacon face & dermatology! Please let me know if you pop along, I promise you won’t be disappointed!





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