The Great Length Tapes from Rustiq Salon

Happy Sunday gals!

Some of you may know I recently had some great length hair extension applied by the lovely people in Rustiq Salon. Rustiq is based in Carlow and Kilkenny, and owner Denise has to be one of the most knowledgeable, passionate hair stylists I have yet to meet.

Rustiq pride themselves in hair care, which is evitable when you go in to the salon. I first went to Denise a year ago my hair was limp and lifeless.

After putting me on the correct hair care shampoo and conditioner and having me in for regular trims with the girls my hair was healthy and stronger looking again after a few months.

Recently I was introduced to great length hair extensions which I love, however newly launched are the tapes. These literally are the most comfortable hair extension I have worn!

These extensions come as very thin strip.

We opted for the half head for a little more thickness and volume especially around the front of my hair. Each piece takes less than a minute to apply, the strip is thin so you can tie your hair up and it’s barely visible to the eye.

Sleeping is a doddle! No uncomfortable bonds when you lie down! I’ve loved how this type of hair extension has given me so much more volume with just a few strips. You’ll be sure to get your monies worth from these as you have the option to re-apply to the root every few weeks!
The quality if the hair has lasted really well, my tape extensions are now in since the end of May, once using the correct products the hair has stayed thick and none of the tapes have fallen out! It’s a great option for people who just want some extra volume, or may have even suffered from some degree of hair loss.

For more information contact Rustiq salons or check out their website here:

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