Laser hair removal at Thérapie clinic

Happy  Wednesday!

So yesterday you may have seen from my Instagram stories I mentioned laser hair removal with Thérapie clinic, well yesterday was in fact the last of my sessions after a very successful course of laser hair removal.


Naturally being a brunette, hair re-growth and hair removal has always been the bane of my life! For years it was literally a confidence issue and something I was always so conscious of. I had tried waxing and shaving with results being poor and painful. Having heard so much about Thérapie clinic online I decided to have my first consultation.

I was a bag of nerves and super paranoid going in for my consultation. Immediately I was put at ease by the professionalism of the staff in Thérapie clinic in The Square, Tallaght. From the get go everything was explained to me and it all sounded really straight forward.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal works by killing off hair follicles by means of pulses of laser. The machines used in Thérapie are modern known as ‘medical-grade’ which help to aid maximum results, and reduce pain or discomfort during treatment.

Does it hurt?

You will feel a sensation of heat building and it’s over and soon as you feel it, but in comparison to waxing it’s a breeze!

How long does it take?

My underarm and bikini took about 15 mins, it’s such a fast appointment for such effective results!

Can you shave in between?

Yes you can shave in between sessions as required. Over time and as your sessions go on you will notice hair growth is reduced and softer, making hair removal as a whole a lot easier.

What do you do before laser hair removal?

All you have to do before laser hair removal at Thérapie Clinic is shave the area you are having treated, this is to ensure the laser works right to the root of the hair. As well as this, ensure you have no fake tan – again to ensure laser works on the area without any barriers.

What is the aftercare?

Simply apply some aloe vera gel as required and go about your day!

What areas did you have treated?

I opted for bikini and underarms, whenever I shaved my underarms I either got small skin tears or cuts due to the coarse hair in delicate areas (such as underarm) or suffered with a lot of ingrown hair after waxing. Laser hair removal doesn’t cause ANY of these! Over the course of the treatment the laser slowly softened hair as well as reducing re-growth, hence whenever I did need to shave, the hair was softer – skin was less irritated and less prone to nips or cuts from razors. After about 4 sessions in I went away on holidays, wearing a bikini for the first time since beginning laser hair removal and I felt so much more confident! Now that I have completed my treatment I can’t wait to get away on holidays and not have to worry about hair re-growth or removal.

Thérapie recommend a minimum of six sessions of laser hair removal, for me personally I began to see a significant reduction in hair growth after my third session, however everyone is different. The laser hair removal sessions are completed every six weeks and this is due to hair re-growth. Six week gaps in between sessions ensures there is full hair re-growth which is then treated by the laser.

The results

Having finished a course of nine treatments of laser hair removal I am over the moon with the results. There is little or no hair left, maybe the odd one or two strands and that is it. For me personally it has worked wonders, not only making life easier – but on a personal level and as a confidence booster!

You can pop along to Thérapie clinic for a free consultation and read more online here:

Sinéad x