A bra is for 6 months not for life!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So if you are following me on Snapchat (@sineaddeblogger), you’ll know I paid a visit to Belle Femme, on Kieran St. Kilkenny last week. Belle Femme is a lingerie boutique and last summer I had my first experience there. Since this visit and the expertise of the owner Bridget I literally have changed my attitude towards bras and the importance of correct underwear and regular measurements.


What’s amazing about Belle Femme to is that they measure WITHOUT  a measuring tape. Initially when Bridget bought out the bra I just thought it would be too big, until I tried it on and it fitted PERFECTLY! This was 30 E!

Previous to this and for the last five years or so I had always worn a “34 C” bra, Bridget maintains that this is one of the most commonly worn bra sizes. The rule of thumb is that you should be measured every 5- 6 months. Makes sense right? As women are bodies are constantly changing, and hormones play a big role too. This proved right when we did a re-measurement last week and I had actually dropped a cup size. Still maintaining a 30 on the back but now a DD cup size.

Initially wearing the bra, it feels tight , but this Bridget advises is to be expected. This is to ensure good support, lift and shape.

I’ve learnt from being properly measured that no matter what size you are a bra should help with posture and how you stand, and has been proven to IMPROVE back pain! I’ve noticed every since the switch to correctly fitted bras my posture has significantly improved, simply because of my properly fitted bra! As I told Bridget, I get a boob job simply by wearing the right bra!  There is no comparison since I switched bras to how much better tops look, they are seamless. There is no gap that you often see when bras are not fitting right.


I can’t recommend Belle Femme enough. From their professionalism to their shop set up. There are two dressings room at opposites ends of the shop so as to ensure privacy.


For many people making the move to correctly fitted underwear means you will leave Belle Femme feeling extra confident in that dress, and clothes look better as they underwear is correct. A small change but one will help you feel all the better no matter what you wear!

Plus the SELECTION of stunning underwear in Belle Femme is to die for! Belle Femme is located on Kieran Street in Kilkenny, or you can find them on Facebook at Belle Femme Lingerie.

Happy shopping,

Sinead x

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