Poco by Pippa! 

Happy Monday all!

So if you are following me on Snapchat (@sineaddeblogger), you’ll know I purchased my FIRST pair of POCOs by Pippa O’Connor just last week.

There has been so much hype over this brand in recent months and I was devastated to have missed the opening of the POCO pop up shop in Dundrum a few weeks. So I made it my business to get there asap and try some jeans on!

Pop Up Shop

The shop itself is perfect. Perfect space, and location. Each jean has their own area and are clearly labelled, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Staff were helpful, enthuasiastic and chatty!


Pippa’s attention to detail never fails. Like her pallette the packaging is finished to a tee. The packaging is fresh, and eye catching. Even the box is pretty and it’s shape is unusual. It’s not just your regular shopping bag! Jeans are wrapped in the soft pink paper and we were given a couple of free nuxe products which was a lovely added touch.


I tied with the slimmers and the leather look. The were my favourites! Eventually I decided on the leather look, simply beacuase I have a lot of denim jeans. The leather is so soft and light and good quality, making them wearable in either summer or winter! I opted for a size 6 as I’m usually in between 6/8 and they say to go a lower size if unsure. Sizing was perfect it’s a comfortable 6 and gives a gorgeous shape. I’m 5’4 and went for a regular length leg, again which was a perfect fit, as you can see from my snaps!

The choice of small, regular and long length jeans means all heights are catered for. 


The leather look retail at €90. 
Having the oppurtunity to go and try on the jeans means you can find your optimum size alongside the help of the POCO staff. Next on my list is some white slimmers!

If you haven’t already seen the POCO pop up shop it’s definetly worth a visit, whether you are browsing or buying! I am so impressed with the quality of these jeans. I think I will be purchasing many more as they are a life long investment.
Happy shopping all!
Sinéad ❤


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