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Happy Monday gals!

As you may have seen from Snapchat (@sineaddeblogger) I was in the beautiful city of Paris two weeks ago. It’s a place I’ve been dying to see for years, in particular of course the Eiffel Tower. Paris always strikes me as the city of fashion, it’s always looked so chic and just cool!

Getting there

Flying to Paris nowadays is so accessible with airlines. We flew with Aer Lingus to Charles de Gaulle. From here we got a train (the RER B) to one of the main metro stations in Paris, Chatelet. Where we were staying was very central so from here we got the metro direct to Champs-Élysées. This in total cost €10.30. You can buy the tickets including your connecting metro all together at the airport.


Generally we tend to stay in apartments when going away. Simply because we have our own space. Our accommodation was SO central. We were just off the Champs – Élysées. From the apartment we were a 10 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower as well as the Arc de Triomphe. It was perfect.

The accommodation itself was tiny we were slightly mislead online, since we were only there for two nights it worked a treat. Our accommodation was a bed sit. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this one in particular simply because it didn’t have the basics such as sufficient cutlery and the bathroom was a very small. How and ever it gives you an idea of what is available. The price for two nights was €240.

What to do

Obviously enough the Champs- Elysees is a top attraction not only for it’s shopping but for the coffee shops and restaurants.

One could spend hours strolling this street. At the top of course is the Arc De Triomphe, again a must see for some pictures as well as it being one of the biggest roundabouts (most dangerous I might add!) I have yet to see!

That evening the weather was pretty crap we had hoped to make it to the Louvre museam however rain pervented us. This was unfortunate however I do hope to go back during better weather.

Eating Out

We found a great pizza restaurant called ‘Roma Pizzeria’, located on 37 Rue de Marignan, just off the Champs -Elysess. Pizzas are made then and there and are delicious, not to pricey either! For nice cocktails and some good music try ‘Au Bureau’. This is a lively spot and is located on 66 rue Pierre Charron.

During the second night of our stay we opted for a different restaurant called Bistro 25 based on the Champs – Elysees, food here was really great as well as service. It was chilled yet modern. A little bit more on the expensive side but worth it!

Eiffel Tower

Of course one of the main attractions is the Eiffel Tower, be WARNED if you are travelling during winter months be sure to wrap up especially going up the Eiffel Tower. That’s one thing I completely underestimated, by the time you get to the top it is baltic! One word of advice is to book well ahead before flying to Paris, that is if you want to beat the queues. As we weren’t this organised we ended up queuing, surprisingly it wasn’t too bad – just bitterly cold! There is an option to walk the stairs or get a lift. Honestly given the second chance I would still have gone with the stairs. Though I’m not great with heights it really added to the experience and the views are just incredible! This cost €19 per person. On the first level there is a café , restaurant and you can simply walk around , take some pictures and take in the views.

For me it really was a pinch me moment, being in such an iconic monument. One of the best moments of my trip was sipping on a glass of wine with my boyfriend on the Eiffel Tower!

Continung to the second level you then get  lift all the way to the top. Word of warning I was very scared to look down, lifts are glass so you can see everything! Once at the top I really was glad I did it , a really bucket list tick!

Our trip was short and sweet, I would have loved one more day over there just to cover some more sites. My tips are book 3 days in winter (lights and Christmas decorations are amazing, but beacuase evenings are short it’s hard to get all the sites in!) Book the Eiffel Tower ahead to avoid queues and book accommodation as central as possible. I’t’s a little more expensive but allows you to see as much in a short time frame!


Happy travelling!


Sinead x





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